City of Heavenly Fire [The Mortal Instruments, #6] by Cassandra Clare

Margaret McElderry | Hardcover, 725 pages
Publication Date: May 27th, 2014
Young Adult | Fantasy
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

This is a rant.

As I was about to add The Bane Chronicles to my currently reading shelf on Goodreads, I stumbled upon some pretty harsh NEVER-IN-A-MILLION-YEARS reviews. You know, the one where they go on for days about how they refused to read a book because blah blah blah blah.

I never realized how much hate Cassandra Clare has been getting for a variety of reasons. The most popular of which is her inability to move on. While I, at one point, fell victim to the love and hate rigours of this series; and have wondered if Cassie has the capacity to flex her writing muscles, I’m one of the majority who can’t move on.

And everyone who hates it keep insisting she’s “milking a dead cow”. Well, I disagree. Ask her publisher how many of these books she’s sold (and will projectively sell when the paperback comes out). Ask how many people rated The Bane Chronicles and have shelved it TO-READ (10,000 readers). Look at Goodreads and see how many people are anticipating her future series (36,000 readers). If it is a dead cow, I’m pretty sure interest for her books wouldn’t be as much. But then again, what do I know about publishing a commercially successful book? Her haters are the only ones who insist for her to move on for their sake. Well, you don’t speak for us, thank you very much.  No one’s “shoving these books in your faces”. You chose to search these books in Goodreads and write ranting commentaries about how awful Cassandra Clare is simply because she can’t move on. If she’s choosing the career suicide route by not moving on from this world, then that’s her choice. Not yours. If she couldn’t give a hooping funt about literary awards, then why should you?

Who are we to tell someone to stop writing? As long as there are fans that continue to support the books in the Shadowhunters’ world, and as long as the voices of those who love them are louder than the voices of those who don’t, then, I say, more power to you, Cassie. I am not about to give a successful writer an advice about their writing career.

I’ll say what everyone has been saying as well, you don’t like them? Don’t buy them.

You don’t like Cassandra Clare personally? Again, don’t support her. For me, authors are, just that. Authors. They write the stories that I either love or hate. I don’t hate on an author on a personal level. I don’t care what they’ve done, or said in the past. Except for when their opinions reflect on the books they write.

This book was fucking perfect. That’s it. That’s all you need to know. Buy it. Read it. Savour it. And then join me as I re-read the entire series all over again just to spite those who tell Cassie to fucking move on already.

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