City of Heavenly Fire [The Mortal Instruments, #6] by Cassandra Clare

Margaret McElderry | Hardcover, 725 pages
Publication Date: May 27th, 2014
Young Adult | Fantasy
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

This is a rant.

As I was about to add The Bane Chronicles to my currently reading shelf on Goodreads, I stumbled upon some pretty harsh NEVER-IN-A-MILLION-YEARS reviews. You know, the one where they go on for days about how they refused to read a book because blah blah blah blah.

I never realized how much hate Cassandra Clare has been getting for a variety of reasons. The most popular of which is her inability to move on. While I, at one point, fell victim to the love and hate rigours of this series; and have wondered if Cassie has the capacity to flex her writing muscles, I’m one of the majority who can’t move on.

And everyone who hates it keep insisting she’s “milking a dead cow”. Well, I disagree. Ask her publisher how many of these books she’s sold (and will projectively sell when the paperback comes out). Ask how many people rated The Bane Chronicles and have shelved it TO-READ (10,000 readers). Look at Goodreads and see how many people are anticipating her future series (36,000 readers). If it is a dead cow, I’m pretty sure interest for her books wouldn’t be as much. But then again, what do I know about publishing a commercially successful book? Her haters are the only ones who insist for her to move on for their sake. Well, you don’t speak for us, thank you very much.  No one’s “shoving these books in your faces”. You chose to search these books in Goodreads and write ranting commentaries about how awful Cassandra Clare is simply because she can’t move on. If she’s choosing the career suicide route by not moving on from this world, then that’s her choice. Not yours. If she couldn’t give a hooping funt about literary awards, then why should you?

Who are we to tell someone to stop writing? As long as there are fans that continue to support the books in the Shadowhunters’ world, and as long as the voices of those who love them are louder than the voices of those who don’t, then, I say, more power to you, Cassie. I am not about to give a successful writer an advice about their writing career.

I’ll say what everyone has been saying as well, you don’t like them? Don’t buy them.

You don’t like Cassandra Clare personally? Again, don’t support her. For me, authors are, just that. Authors. They write the stories that I either love or hate. I don’t hate on an author on a personal level. I don’t care what they’ve done, or said in the past. Except for when their opinions reflect on the books they write.

This book was fucking perfect. That’s it. That’s all you need to know. Buy it. Read it. Savour it. And then join me as I re-read the entire series all over again just to spite those who tell Cassie to fucking move on already.

  • Highly descriptive article, I loved that bit.
    Will there be a part 2?

  • Thank you. I think Cassie Clare is a very intelligent person and there is no way she hasn’t thought about changing up her story world but she has decided against that and for good reason. People want to read more and she has more to write so there is no need to hate. I for one am very much interested in her upcoming series. I mean Parabatai love and the Carstair family, yes please!

    Glad to hear that you enjoyed this one, I need to get on this one soon.

  • I’ve read the first three books in this series, but I haven’t yet finished it. I’ve heard some great things about this book, though, so I’m planning to continue on eventually! It’s really frustrating to me when people just rant about an author (or a book they haven’t even read) on Goodreads.

  • Alana

    I have to admit I stopped reading this series after the third one… Don’t hurt me! *cowers behind bookcase* BUT! I have a friend who yells at me continually because she, like you, loves the later books just as much… so I think I will definitely have to finish this series!! Lovely review 🙂

  • WOW This was not what I expected when I pick this up, but I agree, I think I’ve seen more hate for this series than I have seen the love unfortunately. Maybe it’s because it’s been dragged out over 6 books, but she wouldn’t have gotten a publishing deal to extend it if it wasn’t popular.

  • I love these books. Yes she could have ended this series after three, but I think the rest of the series worked well too. I loved this ending. And I loved how she intertwines all of the series. I wish there wasn’t such a huge gap inbetween releases because I feel like it made people lose interest, even me a bit, but I get that happens. And even if I wanted to give up on this shadowhunter world she created, I just can’t because I love her storytelling and I love these characters. So many people dwell on the negative and I just don’t get the reasoning for that.

    Perfect ending, really.

  • Zoe

    I have to admit that while I like Cassie as a person, I’m not the biggest fan of her writing or her books from what I’ve read of them. *hides in corner* I KNOW! I KNOW! I’m such a bad person! Shame on me, right? But I’ve heard that the series gets better and better, and it sounds like the 6th book is no exception. So glad to hear you enjoyed it Joy, and maybe you’ve persuaded me into giving it a second try perhaps. Thanks for sharing and, as always, BRILLIANT review! <3

  • OMG Yes! This is perfect, I actually went to add The Bane Chronicles recently too and saw all that hate. I don’t understand why anyone would waste their time to write that, if you’re not interested in her books then just ignore them…it’s not that hard. Cassie obviously has a lot of loving fans (myself included) I was looking at the back of Clockwork Princess and CoHF and on CP2 it says “over 12 million copies in print” and CoHF says “over 24 million ” in just a year it doubled . So the haters can hate all they want cuz it doesn’t affect anything

  • Love this review Joy! I read most of Cassie’s books and I really love them, but after the fourth one I just kinds stop and never got back into it. But this review makes me excited! And I really think that any readers that bash on Cassie really do anything. If she loves writing about the Shadowhunter world let her be. Great review!

  • Christy

    RAWR! lol. I’ve seen some of that hate, but I haven’t actually read any of her books. There are a couple of authors I wish would keep ’em coming like she does, though.

  • wow that’s great! I haven’t read a book in the series, only saw the first movie but I think I sould try one day to get into the series.

  • To be honest, I’m not a huge fan of Cassie Clare (after book 3, the series started going downhill for me), but I would definitely not go out of my way to shelve her books as never-in-a-million-years. No idea why people would waste their time destroying an author’s hard work with their harsh words. No need to judge an author for doing what she loves. I totally respect you for posting this, Joy. Kudos to you! <3

  • Very well said Joy!!! the ending, it’s just… perfect! ♥

  • Naomi @ Nomi’s Paranormal Palace

    Frakin awesome post! I agree with you… the haters need to keep their shit to themselves… they are just jealous no one wants to offer them a job in this industry… I have loved this series (just need to read the final book) and I not long read TID… cried my eyes out, so I think she does an awesome job. Bring on more, I say!! (And I am 36… still willing to read them!!)

  • Oh my gosh, I love you. I’m really curious to see her write something else, just to see how good it is, but I in no way can blame her for continuing to write about a world she and her readers obviously love. I haven’t read the last two in this series, but I ADORED the Infernal Devices books and really want to finish these one day.

    I’ve never understood people who feel the need to spend so much time bashing things they don’t like. Wouldn’t your time be better spent finding things you DO like? Wouldn’t your days be happier? I understand someone not wanting to read the series because of the allegations regarding her Harry Potter fanfiction, but it’s one thing to say you don’t want to read it because of that and move on and it’s another to rant and rave about it–especially when you have only cursory knowledge.

  • I read the first three books when they came out and never got around to the others, but I agree with you about all the ranters. Nasty personal attacks on authors — or anyone — really scare me. I don’t understand why someone would choose to put all that negative energy into a hate campaign against someone. Yes, Cassie Clare keeps writing about the Shadowhunter world, but so what? A lot of readers seem very happy to keep reading about it.

  • I sometimes get a little bit tired when I hear about a new spinoff series of a spinoff of a spinoff from the Shadowhunter world (because honestly Cassie is a wonderful author and has so much potential for creating more worlds), but I do believe people are extremely rude to her. I’ve been more pissed lately by the fact that she’s been accused of plagiarism because she used elements from a fanfiction THAT SHE WROTE. Like seriously? She plagiarised her own work? People are extremely rash nowadays.

    That being said, I’m so glad you enjoyed the book! I don’t know when I’ll get to read it, but I won’t be reading it any time soon. I want to re read the whole series before touching this one xD

    Great review, Joy! Tell it like it is! 😉

  • I understand not liking a book, but there’s no need to be overly harsh in your review IMO. Some peeps just take it way too far… I haven’t personally read any of Clare’s titles, but kudos to you for airing your grievances to all of the haters out there. And you’re so right, if you don’t like her writing style, then don’t buy her novels and shut your mouth! How would you feel if someone called your baby ugly? I mean seriously, what’s with people!?

  • Ok, I need to read these books. I haven’t because I’m freaking terrified! There are so many of them! But I have noticed all the hate the author gets and to tell you the truth the bullies are the ones who look stupid. I really don’t get it. If Stephenie Meyer decided to write more Twilight books I’ll would definitely buy them. The same with J.K. Rowling. Anyway, now I want to read these. I’ll try not to be intimidated by them 😉

  • I completely 100% agree with you!! I hope Cassandra Clare never stops writing about the Shadowhunters! As long as she wants to keep going, I’m going to read them. I loved CoHF and I’m so happy we’ll get to see more of the world!

  • I admit I haven’t read the last three in this series but not because I don’t want to, I just haven’t had the time to yet. I loved LOVED the first three though and I will be continuing. I don’t think we as reviewers, readers, whatever, have any write to ever tell anyone not to write. I mean, that is just wrong. It doesn’t matter if we like what they are writing or not. You can take someone’s passion away like that, it just isn’t write (see what I did there with write?). 😛

  • Wonderful to hear you thought it was perfect.

  • I have to agree with you on all counts. I had my doubts about the series and the whole moving on issue, but now I find comfort in the knowledge that more is yet to come. This book WAS absolute perfection, maybe not like Clockwork Princess, but pretty darn close. She certainly knows how to write fabulous endings and I’m looking forward to more.

  • ACK! I am glad I has not seen hate for Cassie. I don’t like people hating on authors. Grrr. And hah. I am SO EXCITED for all her new Shadowhunter series 😀 And her new middle grade series too. <3 I just think she is an amazing writer and I love reading about her Shadowhunters. I would not mind a million books about them. So there. Hih 🙂 And ack. I am totally jealous of Cassie. Just think. ALL THE MONEY she is making. She is awesome 🙂 ANYWAY. Amazing post Joy. <3 thank you for sharing 🙂 And sigh. I am so so glad you loved City of Heavenly Fire. <3 I did too. Found it to be an amazing book 🙂 Hope you are loving The Bane Chronicles. <3