Top Ten Tuesday [7]: Irresistible Covers

photo-7Today’s Top Ten Tuesday is about trends in book covers. But I thought I’d go ahead an deviate from the prompt. I thought about cover trends that we’ve been seeing a lot of lately, and decided that everyone would probably have the same covers on their list: girls in gowns, illustrated covers, bloody covers, and of course, half naked men showing off their six packs. So today, I’m going to do the covers and the over all appearance of a book that I can’t resist.

Some of these would probably be something that you’ve seen in my Photo Vomit posts, but bear with me. They are also the type of books that I’m more inclined to collect.

Here they are in no particular order:


[1.] White Covers. I’m a big fan of the minimalist movement – in everything. So these covers are a no brainer for me.


[2.] Penguin Vintage Covers. I’ve featured this on my Photo Vomit posts a couple of times already; so you all know how much I adore these!


[3.] Unusual Texture. In this book’s case, it’s velvet. It’s very fitting to what’s inside. Tampa is a story about a teacher who preys on 14-year-old boys. I thought that black velvet is very appropriate, in a sense that the teacher shows a very soft, very unassuming exterior but she’s dark and rotten to the core.


[4.] Penguin Drop Caps. I mean, how could I resist? It’s an injustice to pass on these.


[5.] Saran-Wrapped Books. Not biodegradable, for sure. But it makes me wonder why there is a need to packaged this book in such a manner.


[6.] Cloth-Covered Editions. Need I say more, really?


[7.] Gilded Edges. Okay, for lack of a better word, I decided to use the term, gilded. I know gilding is mostly used when an item is gilded in gold but these multi-coloured ones are basically the same thing. Either way, I find myself unable to say no to these.


[8.] Typography. I have bought a whole slew of books with unusual typography. Shown above are just a couple that I really, really love.


[9.] Pulp Fiction. Again, this is more about my obsession with unique covers. It just so happens that there’s an entire line of these books. The retro looking covers makes me want to blow them up and mount them on my wall.


[10.] Graphic/Animated. Something about the covers screams, light reading. I absolutely love these!

Special Mention:


┬áSo what’s in your top ten today?

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