Gasp [Visions, #3] by Lisa McMann

Simon Pulse | Hardcover, 274 pages
Publication Date: June 3rd, 2014
Young Adult | Suspense
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

The last book to Lisa McMann’s Vision series finds our young heroes struggling to find the next heir to the curse. The curse that started with Jules, that she consequently passed on to Sawyer when she saved him from imminent death. While they saved a number of students from a school shooting, Jules knew that somehow, someone must have inherited the vision curse.

When they eventually find the unfortunate carrier, their efforts to stave off a fatal disaster were met with strong opposition. So much so, that they were not able to prevent the tragedy from happening. Jules was not impressed, and a little pissed at the person who didn’t try harder to save those who died. Redemption comes in the form of another tragedy, however. Jules and the gang are determined to save lives. This time, they’re even more prepared; well-researched, and very hopeful that they could at least minimize the number of deaths. But would it be enough?

At home, the Demarco family suffered a tragedy and a blessing at the same time. Without divulging too much information, they will be given a chance at new beginnings. Jules hopes that their dad doesn’t fall back to the same abyss of depression that incites a need to hoard things. Meanwhile, her relationship with Sawyer remains strong; Trey has found a boyfriend in Ben, and Rowan’s on-line relationship with Charlie seems to be unstoppable. All in all, personal and family life is infinitely getting better. Another reason why I didn’t mind this series coming to an end. I knew that these kids are going to be just fine.

Lisa is very adept in writing an eventful book packaged slightly thinner than your average novel, which, admittedly is what I like about her YA series. They tend to be fast reads; and yet the reader would be not left unsatisfied that something was missed, nor would they suffer from a case of the whiplash. In this book, not only did they have to deal with one disaster, but three. <spoiler>The Demarco’s house and restaurant burned to the ground<end of spoiler>; plus the other two disasters which I would leave for you to read. This time around, Jules and Sawyer has the help of Trey, Ben and Rowan; which makes for an almost smoother sleuthing for our heroes. All in all, everything that I’ve come to enjoy about these novels were amped up in the third book. It’s funnier, sweeter, and more suspenseful.


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