The Beautiful Ashes [Broken Destiny, #1] by Jeaniene Frost

Harlequin | ARC Paperback, 299 pages
Publication Date: August 26th, 2014
Adult Fiction | Paranormal Romance
Rating 3 out of 5 Stars

For a book as suspenseful and action-packed such as this, it boggles the mind that it took me two weeks to finally shelve this book, read.

Paranormal Romance fans will gobble this up like strawberries dipped in Nutella. I, on the other hand, was sadly bored. However, I think you can all blame it on me. My interest in these types of stories have been waning for a while now, so I’m saddened that I couldn’t be more excited about this brand new series from an author whose work I’ve enjoyed in the past.

Since she was a child, Ivy has been seeing some frightening visions which she suppressed by getting medicated. Every one thinks that she’s suffering from some sort of dementia. It was only in the recent events that she’s come to grips with exactly what those visions meant, as they were coming more frequently. Spurred on by the disappearance of her sister, she will discover the real truth about her identity and a destiny that she may or may not have a choice in the matter. Unless she does something about it.

So listen, the world building here is…well, it’s as to be expected, I supposed. The demon world is dark, cold, full of savage torture and killing of humans; frightening, and beautiful creatures. Jeaniene is, if anything very thorough, and explicit. I also love the lore; the myth, in which she combined a couple of Old and New Testament characters to based this series on. Descendants of David (good guys), and of Judas (bad guys) are at war for universal domination. They both need three weapons to defeat each other: David’s slingshot, Moses’ staff and the third is to be revealed. But only the last remaining descendant of David is able to find these weapons, so Ivy, being the last Davidian will always have a target on her back. Not to be killed, mind you. But to be used as a Hallowed weapons detector.

Her counterpart, and ultimately, her romantic interest is Adrian. He is a demon and whose destiny is to betray Ivy. I’m a huge fan of forbidden romances, and theirs couldn’t be any more forbidden than if Lucifer’s daughter and the Angel Gabriel’s son got together. The UST frustrated me to no end, but I’m glad Jeaniene didn’t rush it for the sake of pleasing her readers.

The other thing that frustrated me with this book is the unnecessary omission of truth from all parties. I mean, seriously. You tell a girl she’s meant to obliterate the demon realm, then skip some pertinent parts was just ridiculous. In the end, everything looked like a blatant attempt to manufacture conflict.

My Two Cents:

I will remain optimistic that this series will only get better from here. Provided that there are no more secrets to be had, I think fans of Frost should be able to forgive some of this book’s nuisances.

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