Hoarders, Books Edition: Episode 113


• The Three by Sarah Lotz • City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare (signed) •

• Dust Lands by Moira Young (signed) • Now & Forever by Susan Collasanti (signed) •

• Wonder by R.J. Palacio • The Mirk and Midnight Hour by Jane Nickerson •

•Letters to a Young Poet by Raine Rilke •

Ahoy there!

I skipped a Hoarders post when I was in NYC, but I’m back today! These are books that I purchased in New York, and books that I’ve gotten for review.

I picked up some signed books at Books of Wonder and some relatively cheap books at The Strands while I was there. Letters to a Young Poet is a highly recommended book by the kraft dinner ©. Whelp. If you’ve ever lost the inspiration to write, you need to fucking read that book. Seriously.


How freaking awesome is this? Remember when I cried over being declined to read Prototype on Edelweiss? Well, MD Waters took pity on this fool and put me out of my misery! I won a tote bag from her blog but because she’s a freaking goddess, and have heard of the sacrificial goat I offered upon her altar, she sent me an ARC and a freaking t-shirt! I love her. HARD.


Arrrggghhh! HAZE. I think I scared Sylvia over at Tundra Books when I replied to her email with some over-the-top enthusiasm for this book. You know I rarely do blog tours (I’m very selective), but I make exceptions for books that I really want to read. My stop is on September 19, but trust me when I say I’ll be reading this book as soon as next week!

I also got two books from Candlewick – which I’m pretty sure was sent  to me by mistake. They’re duplicate copies, so I’ll probably put them up for giveaway. Provided Candlewick don’t want them back, that is. 🙂


blank-133x176-99d2cd1a7cf8ae9ed346e75dda60b54b.jpg I Want it That Way by Ann Aguirre
Publication Date: August 2014
Rating: 2 out of 5 Stars

So I’m not much a New Adult reader, so it wasn’t a surprise that I didn’t really enjoy this one. Nadia fell too fast for Ty, and I didn’t really see what made him that loveable. *shrugs* It was an okay read, I supposed.

18693715 Prototype by M.D. Waters
Publication Date: July 2014
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

I mean, was there every any doubt? You know how love triangles tend to annoy me to hell? Well, this one features one that was absolutely well done. I’m going to re-read this one so I can write a better review.

18629799 Through to You by Laura Barnhold
Publication Date: July 2014
Rating 3 out of 5

I think this book warrants a re-read. I have some misgivings about the characters, but maybe I was too quick to write them off. Despite my middle of the range rating, I was oddly engrossed with the story.

20409231 Killer Instinct by Jennifer Lynn Barnes
Publication Date: November 2014
Rating 2 out of 5 Stars

I am devastated. Completely devastated. I loved the first book, but sadly, this one was such a disappointment for me. I think I will re-read it again in the near future; give it another go. I owe it to Michael.


13521399 Confessions of a Murder Suspect by James Patterson and Maxine Paetro
Publication Date: September 2012
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

This was a featured audio book from Sync YA. I loved the story so much, I’m gonna have to find the next book. This was my first audio and first James Patterson book. So happy I enjoyed it.

On the blog front, well, nothing is happening. I’ve been lazzzzzzzzyyyy. I’ve fallen off the Bloglovin’ wagon – yet again. Le sigh. I think the last time I checked, I’m behind almost 1,200 posts (shoot me now). Anyway, I’m going to do something about that this weekend. If it takes me a whole week to catch up, then so be it. Thanks for your continued patronage. 🙂

  • I LOVED the first Moira Young Dust Lands book. I need to read Rebel Heart. Oh and AHHHHH I need Prototype like yesterday ….you are so so lucky that she sent you a shirt and the book. I squee in envy and excitement for you. I picked up a copy of The Three at BEA but I don’t know if I’ll read it…the whole planes thing it could just mess with me I fly so much….

  • starryeyedjen29

    That Paula Weston series is freaking amazing. I’m re-reading HAZE right now so that I can finally write a review. Can’t wait for your tour stop! Also, I’m very, VERY disappointed to see that you didn’t enjoy Killer Instinct. I was surprised by just how much I loved the first book, and then I was ecstatic to find out there would be a sequel. Now, I’m not sure how to feel. 🙁

  • I was so, so excited to read The Three as soon as I read the synopsis. The book ended up being quite good, but maybe not as awesome as I’d been hoping. (I still need to write y review.)

    I’m so excited you won all of those Prototype goodies! So much better than getting it on EW. 🙂 Archetype was a $1.99 daily deal on Kindle last week, but then I forgot to buy it! I’m still kicking myself over that.

  • The Mirk and Midnight Hour looks so good. I’m curious to hear what you think. I’m so bummed you didn’t enjoy Killer Instinct. While I didn’t LOVE the first book, I did quite like it, and have been really excited for the sequel. Congrats on getting Prototype and the awesome swag from the author! Happy reading!

  • Yay 😀 So many amazing books Joy. <3 I hope you will love them all. Sigh. City of Heavenly Fire 😀 I loved it so much. And YAY for getting book from author. <3 That is the best feeling. Happy reading sweetie 🙂

  • The Strand is so fun–and New York is such a great place to visit! Looks like you got some great books and totebags. I need to read the last couple TMI books, I’ve been lagging behind. I hear this last one makes people SUPER excited for Dark Artifices and Last Hours though, and as a huge Infernal Devices fan, I’m pretty jazzed up about that!

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  • City of Heavenly fire is enormous! 😮 I love the cover from The mirk and midnight hour. Happy reading 🙂

  • Patronage sounds good, and I hope that you enjoy!

  • I’m soooo thrilled MD Waters sent you Prototype!! I hate love triangles but the story was just pure awesomesauce. I wrote my review easily right after I finished the book because of my enthusiasm for the story, but I’m waiting to post until closer to the release date.

    You went to the famous Strand bookstore?!! Lucky!

  • WOW that is so awesome of the author of Protoype to send you a copy, and with a free shirt as well! Great stack Joy, I hope you enjoy.

    Here’s my STS.

  • Congrats on getting Prototype and glad you enjoy it. I need to start this series soon.

  • OMG COHF. I haven’t read it yet but really really need to. Kinda scared about it, though! That is such a pretty hardcover <3
    Happy reading, Joy 🙂

  • I will be awaiting your review of The Mirk and the Midnight Hour! From your enthusiasm over Prototype, I guess I need to read Archetype? And I am sad to hear about Killer Instinct 🙁

  • omg! I totally agree with Karina, your book pictures are just so lovely – it’s book porn! 😀 Love it.

    And I’m so happy M.D. Waters is so cool and sent you the book. It’s just fabulous. I just wish she wrote more of this Archetype series. I’ve been recommending these books to everyone, my absolutely best read this year.

  • I think you and Vika should bond over your enthusiasm about M.D. Waters, J.! :))) I know, I know, I’ll read it, I’ve got the first book on my kindle! Also, every time you take a pic of your new books, I swear they look so sexy it’s almost a pornographic experience *grins* I feel dirty now. Anyway, enjoy all your reads, lady!

  • Its so awesome that the author sent you an arc and a tshirt. I’d be on cloud nine if that happened to me. BTW, pretty pretty books <3

  • I have yet to read the whole TMI series so I haven’t gotten myself CoHF, but I saw that at the bookstore and oh my, it is big haha! Please re-read Through to You! I have been seeing that around and yours is the first rating I’ve seen, it looked interesting and I’ve been looking forward to that one (I don’t know where to request that one *sigh*)

  • Faye M.

    You guy a lot of awesome books, awesome lady! I really want to read Evil Librarian because that is totally sending me some R.L. Stine Goosebumps vibes. Haha! I’m sorry you didn’t like Ann Aguirre’s newest book. I just read her Mortal Heart, and while it was impressive premise-wise, the execution and the overbearing romance took the fun away from it. I’m really hoping her newest book would prove to be different, but my confidence is slowly ebbing away now. And not surprise about Killer Instincts *snort* but that’s because I hated the first book 😛 It must suck to be disappointed since you loved The Naturals. 🙁 At least you got to enjoy Prototype. *hugs*

    Faye at The Social Potato Reviews

  • I’m kinda sad that Through to You was only a 3 star read for you. I haven’t read it yet… hopefully soon. If you re-read it, I’ll be watching to see if that rating changes. I just love Laura Barnhold so I’m hoping this book is as fun as her others. Enjoy your new goodies this week! 🙂

  • I got CoHF as well! And I bought Raging Star a few weeks back. 🙂 I REALLY need to read Wonder. I have to start Archetype as well. Dang it, Joy, you’re making my TBR pile longer! 😛

  • Nice haul, I’m gonna go check out The Three and Dust Lands :3 and Prototype looks interesting (I kind of like the cover). looking forward to reading your review soon~

  • I requested Prototype on EW but as I’ve never been approved on there I have a huge feeling they’re going to deny me too. But 5/5 stars!!! I’m so freaking excited!!!! Aaaaahhhh I wants it so bad.

  • I’m desperately curious about Dust Lands and Mirk & the Midnight Hour, so I can’t wait to see what you think of them. Haze is phenomenal and I’m thrilled to see you enjoyed Prototype as I plan to read that duo quite soon. As for Aguirre’s NA venture, I’m sorry to see it didn’t impress. I’m not a fan of NA either, so I’ll likely have the same issues you did. Fantasic haul and happy reading!

  • Yay again for getting Prototype! And HAZE! I really loved Shadows, so I completely GET your “over-the-top enthusiasm” 🙂

  • There is nothing better than getting a book you are seriously wanting in the mail. It feels like Christmas! Huge congrats!!

  • Oh I’m sad about Killer Instinct, I also loved book 1 but now I think I’ll pass…. I didn’t know book out was there or soon there. One day I’ll also have to try the Clare series. Happy reading!

  • Christy

    Read The Three soon and let me know how it is. Haha – yay for Waters hooking you up. A depressed Joy would’ve been no bueno. 🙂

  • I got a copy of CoHF as well – omg the size of it! Makes me scared to crack it open haha. Ahh you lucky duck, so happy that you managed to snag a copy of Prototype 😛 I remember how sad you were when you got declined. Enjoy all your new reads xx