The Vertical City


I haven’t been able to take much pictures of this city. This trip has been mostly about books, authors and sore feet. As much as those have been fun, I’m disappointed that I haven’t fully taken advantage of the loads of photo-opportunity this city has to offer. I have taken so few, but I must admit how beautiful some of the pictures turned out. This is the view from the Top of the Rock (Rockefeller Centre), which shows a faint visual of the tip of Manhattan Island. I am terrified of heights; so the whole time I was up there, I stayed at a great distance from the glass partition.

New York thrums with energy from the inside and out; from top to bottom. People move at a constant speed; you can’t sit idly by or you will get lost in the stream. This is even more prevalent if you find yourself frozen in the lit melee of Times Square.

Oddly enough, and as chaotic New York has been, this place has turned me into a contemplative tourist. This city has made me self-aware; even more so than usual. I learned that I’m much too dependent on the people around me; that I cannot survive without asking anyone for help.  At forty years old, I am still, and probably will always be an introvert who freezes at the thought of walking into a roomful of people on my own. I suck as a human being; I expect people to talk to me instead of making the initiative myself. I did warn you that my on-line personality is more gregarious than in real life. So as much as you’ve been disappointed in me, I am more disappointed in myself.

I think this will be it for now, I may or may not do an in-depth recap of the BEA events. I’m sorry if I haven’t visited your blog lately but I will be going back to regular programming next week.


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