The Guy and His Moleskin Book

Hot guy on airplane writing poetry

I never realize how alive this city is. I mean, I’ve read about how you don’t know what a rat race is until you’ve lived in the city of New York, but to see it and experience it first hand is quite an eye-opener. To be honest, I’m having a bit of a culture shock. This place is so fast-paced, and the people never seem to stop moving; molecules bumping into each other, creating an energy visible to anyone watching.

The city is beautiful in its own way; its architecture – both modern, and traditional – inspires a common pedestrian to take a stab at artistic photography. I’ve only seen a bit of Time Square and its vicinity, but the pictures I’ve taken inspired a different kind of creative medium. Writing.

I’ve always thought that there is nothing hotter than a man reading a novel.

I was wrong.

I think that a man writing on a moleskin notebook is infinitely hotter. This guy in particular, perfectly captured the ease in which an inspired writer solemnly unleash his words before inspiration wanes. The two hour-flight from Minneapolis to New York was not wasted.

I’d like to imagine that he was either writing poetry or song lyrics; a short story or the beginnings of The Great American Novel. But whatever it is, I wish I could thank this guy for inspiring me today. For tapping into my creative reserves without him realizing it.

Hey you. What are you writing?

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