The Guy and His Moleskin Book

Hot guy on airplane writing poetry

I never realize how alive this city is. I mean, I’ve read about how you don’t know what a rat race is until you’ve lived in the city of New York, but to see it and experience it first hand is quite an eye-opener. To be honest, I’m having a bit of a culture shock. This place is so fast-paced, and the people never seem to stop moving; molecules bumping into each other, creating an energy visible to anyone watching.

The city is beautiful in its own way; its architecture – both modern, and traditional – inspires a common pedestrian to take a stab at artistic photography. I’ve only seen a bit of Time Square and its vicinity, but the pictures I’ve taken inspired a different kind of creative medium. Writing.

I’ve always thought that there is nothing hotter than a man reading a novel.

I was wrong.

I think that a man writing on a moleskin notebook is infinitely hotter. This guy in particular, perfectly captured the ease in which an inspired writer solemnly unleash his words before inspiration wanes. The two hour-flight from Minneapolis to New York was not wasted.

I’d like to imagine that he was either writing poetry or song lyrics; a short story or the beginnings of The Great American Novel. But whatever it is, I wish I could thank this guy for inspiring me today. For tapping into my creative reserves without him realizing it.

Hey you. What are you writing?

  • You sneaky devil you – did he know you even snapped his picture? did you strike up some conversation? What a cool person to have sitting next to you!~

  • HAHAHA, this photo is gorgeous! I hope you had fun stalking this guy at BEA! 😀

  • I totally agree, he is so sexy writing in that notebook! I would’ve found it impossible not to stare. How did you get that picture without him knowing?! Stealthy woman. 🙂

  • lol funny.. Me moving from NYC to a small town in the middle of PA was a culture shock for me. I do love the diversity in NYC, but I guess growing up among that it’s something you get used to.

  • I know everyone is saying it but… I love that you took a sneaky picture of this guy and then posted it on the internet. I experienced similar culture shock when I went to Vancouver a few years ago. Everyone was so busy and in a rush to get where they wanted/needed to go. It was overwhelming. I am glad that you found something (even if it was this stranger on a plane) to keep you grounded. I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip!

  • *HOT GUY ALERT* You should reddit this guy. Let’s find out who he is! It’s true, though, a man who writes (even music) is such a hottie. It brings up their hotness to another level! What an inspiring post <3

  • lol, I love this post Joy 🙂 Thank you for sharing. <3 The guy looks pretty awesome, hih 😀

  • Faye M.

    Haha, you’re so sneaky, to be able to take his picture! I’m not sure I would be able to do that… I can be so obvious sometimes. But I know what you are talking about, though! I was raised in the province where life is simple and slow, like it’s floating by. I honestly don’t find anything wrong about it because it’s so peaceful. 5 years ago, I moved to the capital to pursue my degree there, and it was such a culture shock for me, too – it was so fast-paced where people seem to be so restless to get to one direction to another. It was certainly a different kind of lifestyle compared to the one I used to live. After living 4 years of it, I certainly don’t want to be a part of the rat race… one day, that’s my goal – to live life so comfortably I won’t need to squeeze myself in there 🙂

    And of course, once again, nice picture… ahihihi <3 <3

    Faye at The Social Potato Reviews

  • I love your writing. It definitely conveys how I feel about New York. Every time I go it feels like a completely different place. Love the picture you took of the guy! It was simple, yet really beautiful. Humans of New York material! 😉

  • Every time I go to a big city, it’s like a cultural shock O_O. I’ve always wanted to go to NYC but at the same time I am so terrified of going there because the amount of people *shudders*

    On a side note, how DID you manage to take a photo of him? (AND HE IS CUTE)

    HAVE FUN AT BEA, Joy!!! 🙂

  • Christy

    He’s writing his grocery list. 😛 Seriously though, that’s sexy. Hope you’re having fun!

  • How did you managed to get this picture without him knowing??? I am impressed with you sneaky picture taking skills!

    I’ve only passed by NYC while on a bus to the airport. But it is one of my dream cities to visit. I can’t wait for more pictures Joy! Have fun in NY and BEA 🙂

  • Alise (Readers in Wonderland)

    Aha, great picture! Yes, teach us your ways because I am terrible at taking pictures of people sneakily 😉 And seriously, I went to Chicago once and I was just like D: Overwhelmed by all the people and cars and just the business of it all.

  • Way to pass along my name and number to him Joy 😉 This picture is so artsy, I love it!

  • Great photo! And welcome. Yes, the bustle takes some getting used to. Hope to run into you in the next couple days 🙂

  • I love it, this picture is awesome! Culture shock or not, I hope you are having a fabulous time!!

  • Haha! Sneaky sneaky 🙂 love the picture though. Hope you are enjoying NYC!

  • Did he know you took his picture? If he didn’t, how could you take it?? I need to learn lol

    • Nope. He didn’t know. We, my cousins and I, pretended we were taking pictures of ourselves while seated across from him. 🙂

  • Hehe I can’t believe you took a sneaky shot of the guy on the plane! New York was definitely a culture shock, so different to my city. I loved the mesh of different cultures and people there.