Better Off Friends by Elizabeth Eulberg

Points | Hardcover, 276 pages
February 25th, 2014
Young Adult | Romance
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

The title led me to believe that HEA is not in the cards for this couple. And for a while there, it certainly looked like it was going to end that way. Spoiler alert: all the nose twitching and the misting eyes were all for naught.

Certainly, this book was adorable, and cute. But it wasn’t all smiles. It was frustrating when they didn’t read each other well, but sweet when they realize how foolish they were being.

Our couple met when they were in 7th grade. Macallan, having just recently lost her mother, was not feeling generous to the new surfer boy from California. Her tune quickly changed when she discovered they share a love for British comedy. Their friendship over the years was not smooth sailing to say the least; through break-ups with other people, and widening distance brought on by complication of their sexual orientations, the two never really lost sight of each other. Is it really possible for a boy and a girl to remain best of friends without adding love to the equation? I believe Harry and Sally have answered this question a long time ago.

If we’re to based the answer according to the majority of the romance books we’ve read that asked this question, the answer would be a resounding “no”. It is really impossible. It took Macallan and Levi years to figure out that the comfort they found in each other, and the ease of their relationship were the very foundation of a successful romance. Of course, it also didn’t take long before they messed it all up. Relationships are so complicated.

This book was so adorable, and far from fluffy by my standards. It’s not going to answer that question realistically, but anyone looking for answers in fiction is really doing the ‘reading’ thing wrong. Enjoy the book, people, and don’t look too much into it. 🙂