Scan by Walter Jury and S.E. Fine [Review and Giveaway]

Putnam Children | ARC, 336 pages
May 1st, 2014
Young Adult | Science Fiction
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Tate has lived his life on a strict regiment under the careful watch of his father; so strict, that it’s as though he lives in a military barracks instead of the place that he calls home. He’s always known that he’s being trained for something; he just didn’t know what. He’d silently rebelled by reciprocating his father’s coldness. Through his minute rebellion, he found a way to break in to his father’s heavily secured study where he stores high grade weapons of his invention. It was during one of his break-ins that he finds a hand-held device that would serve as a catalyst for a discovery of an alien invasion years in the making.

For hundreds of years, these aliens have lived amongst us; undetected and indecipherable. As the invasion continues on over the years, the human population is quickly and subtly being eradicated. That’s what a group of “pure” humans are trying to protect. Aside from working to conserve the remaining known human population, they are also trying to find ways to take Earth back. But with so many of them perfectly concealed, and entrenched in numerous government agencies, the group is practically a dying breed. This is when Tate learns about his role and what he needed to do to keep the fight alive. And with the help of his estranged mother and his girlfriend, they will do what’s needed to be done to keep “them” from obtaining a technology that is sure to exterminate human civilization.

The tag team writers of Walter Jury and Sarah Fine penned a Sci-Fi book palatable enough for non-readers like me. It was action from the get go that did not relent until the end. With a tagline like “Mac Gyver meets War of the Worlds”, this book was impossible to resist – and it did not disappoint either. For the romance reader in all of us, this book presents one that is not really forbidden but dangerous for all parties involve. I’m curious to see where it’s headed, but from what I’ve read  so far, it looks to be a bumpy ride.

Tate made a very convincing boy-genius. I appreciated the fact that his intelligence did not all came from text book; at least, the authors didn’t make it seem so. He was book smart, street smart, and yes, smart aleck. He was emotional when it calls for it, fierce and explosive. I enjoyed his point of view. There’s still a lot to be gleaned about the invaders, but nothing is at seems. I feel like a huge twist is in the offing, and I’m really excited to find out.

All in all, this initial offering to what proved to be “Sci-Fi for the masses”, is undeniably solid. A true page-turner in all sense of the word, it features (somewhat) realistic characters and truly engrossing plot.

Thanks to Alexa of Collections and Beth of BookittyBlog for lending me their ARC. Check out their reviews as well. 🙂

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