Murder of Crows [The Others, #2] by Anne Bishop

NAL | Hardcover, 354 pages
March 4th, 2014
Adult Fiction | Urban Fantasy | Paranormal
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Murder of Crows began with a prophecy of literal murder of the Crows: black feathers in the snow, blood and gore in the hands of humans. If you’re wondering why this seems curiously cataclysmic, it is because animals of any kind are supposed to be treated with deference and fear in this series. They held such an importance because they serve as the Others’ first defence against attack.

As per any other prophecies that Meg Corbyn foretold, the Others and the human police department had to piece her vision together before the horrors of war (between humans and Others) escalates into nightmares unimaginable. The illicit and deadly drug,“gone wolf” are being used against the Others, and with that, the revelation that girls that has the blood of a cassandra sangue are being grinded and mixed in with meat sold for public consumption. Needless to say, the results are fatal and catastrophic. The bright light in the horizon is that the end of the Controller is at hand. In some way, this was both a reason to rejoice, and as well, a disappointment. I will have to let you read the novel so you can find out what happens.

Anne Bishop’s second offering to her Others series kept up with the majority – if not all – of what was engrossing in Written in Red. While the action/conflict happened away from the Courtyard, the intensity and suspense prevalent in the first book continued on here as well. More human civilization is at risk of disappearing due to mankind’s inability to accept the status quo; but that didn’t stop them from trying to eliminate the Others. Fools.

The readers are given a more in-depth insight into Meg’s abilities, and her former life as an enslaved blood prophet. It is through “Jean” that we see exactly how horrific their lives were. Jean has taken to harming herself to see what was in the cards for her, and the method she used to cut without having the Walking Names (blood prophets’ minders) know was nauseating. Readers will also know the extent of torture and punishments the cassandra sangue went through; disturbing, sickening, and gruesome are just a few words that come to mind.

I’m a huge fan of the progression of Meg and Simon’s relationship. At the most, these two are circling each other, trying to get a feel for what the other want. One thing’s for sure, where Simon is more often ill-at-ease with wearing his human skin, it’s pretty obvious that he’d rather be in his human form while he’s with Meg. Meg, on the other hand, uses his wolf form as an excuse to get close to him, to nuzzle him, and pet him. It’s pretty cute and grin-inducing when these two are alone. They’re all kinds of awkward but man, the sizzle is pretty palpable. I cannot wait to see where these two are headed.

If I haven’t been obvious enough, I am completely, utterly, desperately in love with this series. I wish I’m privileged enough to receive the next book way ahead of everyone. Oh well. I guess I’ll wait on bended knees.


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