Photo Vomit #9: Penguin Vintage

Last week, I found myself at a used book store. I really wish I had the time to take pictures of this place but I figure, I’d probably need a permission to do so. One of these days, I’ll find enough courage to approach the owners.

I’ve recently found the wonders of Tumblr. I follow some pretty cool blogs that feature lovely photographs of books and readers alike. I’ve also seen them post pictures of those orange vintage covers from Penguin. So last week, I had the inkling to find some copies for myself. Here are the books that I’ve found:

It was tough finding these old Penguins. The bookstore that I found myself in had wall to wall, floor to ceiling shelves of antique books. The prices vary from $4.00 to $20.00. In the end, I had to put some back because it was getting ridiculously expensive. As it is, this pile cost me $65, to my husband’s dismay. Anyway, I love them, and they make such a good addition to my collection of vintage books.

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