Photo Vomit [7]: White Covers

Do you ever find yourself in the bookstore with an urge to buy a certain type of books? And I’m not talking about genres at all. When I go to my bookstore, I sometimes get these weird inclinations to pick up random books. During one of those ventures, I found myself buying some books that have predominantly white covers. I don’t know what they’re about, but I picked them up anyway.

Aside from The Vow by Jessica Martinez, the rest of these books are virtually unknown to me. They are also in the Fiction section of my bookstore so of course, reading them might take some huge undertakings. 
As much as it would make me sound like a superficial reader, I bought these books because they’re pretty (ugh). However, that’s why I started doing this feature on the blog. I want to showcase books in all their beautiful glory. 

Books Links:

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