Pivot Point by Kassie West

Pivot Point by Kassie West
Harper Teen | Hardcover, 343 pages
Publication Date: February 12th, 2013
Young Adult
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Kassie West’s Pivot Point is a different take on parallel worlds. While the ones I’ve read previously would need some sort of a wormhole or a rift in time-space continuum to make universe-jumping possible, this one is based on a girl’s ability to see and live two lives at the same time.

Let me begin by saying that I did enjoy this book. I was honestly surprised how good it was, better, at least than some of the books with the same theme. But the stumbling block for me – and this consistently becomes a problem with books like this – was my inability to like both versions of one character.  The Addison that I didn’t like seem to create a much bigger impact than the Addison that I did like.

Addison lives in a community that’s virtually invincible to the real world. They are in hiding; isolated from the “normal” people without abilities. The people in her community possess powers: telekineses, powers of coercion or persuasion, ability to seek out the future and the ability to detect a lie. Addison’s ability enables her to see a future but only if she’s given a choice. When her parents decide to divorce, she was presented with her fork in the road: to stay and live with her mother inside her paranormal world or to leave with her dad to live on the outside with the normal people.

Two scenarios. Two futures. For lack of a better word, let’s just pretend she lived in both “virtually”. In both lives she becomes entangled with a criminal activity that endangers kids outside their community. She must learn to choose her battles and eventually pick which future would cost her the least. But in the end, she’ll re-live the whole thing again because no matter what, it always begins with a choice.

So back to Addison’s personality, I guess my main problem and I don’t know if the author could’ve done it any better is that she wasn’t herself in one of the scenarios. It’s hard to explain it any further without spoiling an important arch of the book. I was easily annoyed with her because she can’t find the will to umm…be herself. Sorry for the ambiguity but it really is hard to say more than that. Because of that, I’d become apathetic to her cause.

I like the entire structure of the plot and the way it was executed. It all just boils down to other factors that prohibited my enjoyment of the  reading experience. I commend the author for coyly writing in a love triangle without it being your textbook love triangle. It’s technically not a love triangle because that would require knowledge of existence from everyone involved. And since one scenario was just a simulation of sort, one side of a triangle really does not exist. Confused yet? Yeah. Me too.

I am looking forward to reading the next book simply because I want to read about Addi’s and this other person’s meet-cute. Heh. Though I don’t really know where else this story could go. Other than the world discovering their existence, I have a feeling anything else would be an attempt to prolong what should’ve been an already concluded stand-alone.

  • I love this book. I gave it 5 stars. Sorry you did not love it as I did
    I liked how both parts were kinda connected

  • I was surprised by how much I enjoyed this book. It's a shame you did not like it more. I think I liked that the ending wasn't rosy and the “bad guy” was surprising. Great review! I can definitely understand your points.

  • Great review, I've heard so many awesome things about this book that I really want to read it. I just love the thought of alternate realities. I'd be interested to get to know Addison and the 'love triangle'!

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

  • This is a really great review for this book. I simply loved it. It was my first parallel-themed book and it set the bar high for me. I think Kasie West has some serious writing talent to write a love triangle without really writing a love triangle, to write two completely different futures yet with obvious connections and explaining away any variation in Addison's behavior. I never really thought about what Split Second would be about but I have no doubt that Kasie West will deliver.

  • I think I enjoyed this book more than you did, but I do agree that one version of Addison was preferable to the other and it was sometimes hard when the wrong Addison had center stage! Great review!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

  • I'm glad you enjoyed it for the most part. I am so excited for Split Second and I'm looking forward to seeing Laila's side of things. Great review! 🙂

  • I read West's stand-alone contemporary romance and was severely disappointed, so I'm relieved to see at least one non-gushing and realistic review for this book. I'm not sure I'll be picking it up soon (though I've heard the sequel is really good too), but it's nice to have more grounded expectations going into a tale. Lovely review.

  • Oh the love triangle is not what you would expect, Carina. This might just be right up your alley so consider it. 🙂

  • Thanks, Jasprit. I'm expecting to be wowed. LOL.

  • Definitely, Kate. You might just enjoy it more than I did. 🙂

  • That's pretty much what bugged me about her. But the thing is, I sort of understand to a point why she was the way she was. Still doesn't mean I should like her. Lol. Thanks, Alise!

  • Hahahha! You and me both. 🙂

  • It is quite interesting. I hope you get to read it, Dre. 🙂

  • I hope you'll enjoy!

  • Great review Joy 😀 I'm glad you enjoyed it, but sad you had some issues. I'm still not sure if I'm going to read my copy.. worried about the kind of love triangle, but happy about what you say of it 🙂 Also worried about the ending. Sigh. Guess we'll see when the sequel comes out 😀 Anyway. Thank you for sharing. <3 I hope you will like book two more 🙂

  • I'm sorry that you weren't able to enjoy this book more Joy, but I get why some parts didn't work for you, and I've seen so many praising reviews for this book,so it's nice when I get a different opinion. I am glad that you'll still be reading the next book though! Fab review lovely!

  • I borrowed this book from the library and only got a few chapters in before I had to return it. The love triangle that isn't sounds interesting as does the fact that personality changes so much one version to the other. I think I'll have to try again with this book! Great review 🙂

  • That is something that I actually didn't think of until now-I didn't like one version of Addison either. I thought since it showed her character development in the end it was okay but you are right-some of her decisions really irked me.

  • lol I'm a little lost I confess and I don't really understand everything but I'm intrigued. YOu're right there are a lot of books in this genre but I haven't read a lot of them so maybe this one could be for me.

  • A non-existent-existing love triangle? That's really interesting. I would have to read the book to understand this plot better. Great review, Joy!

  • Great review, I need to pick up Pivot Point soon!

    Happy Reading!