Photo Vomit [4]: Typography

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Photo Vomit. Today, I thought I’d talk about typography. I’m not proficient on the subject matter by any stretch of imagination but I am a fan of typesets that are unique and pleasing to the eyes.

While a lot of readers would be drawn to the covers of a book, it usually falls third on the list of criteria for choosing a book for me. This is most especially true when I find myself looking for Fiction/Literature reads. I don’t have to think too hard when I’m picking a book in the Teen section. I usually know what to get before I even leave the house. 
Adult Fiction is a whole different game altogether. I’m typically lost as to what novels to get. I think that’s why I rarely buy them; but for the last few weeks I have been inexplicably drawn to that section of my bookstore. 
The spine of a book is the first thing shoppers see when we’re browsing. I, myself have been guilty of picking up books without knowing what they’re about. The pretty letterings on the spine usually has to jump out of the shelves for the book to catch my eye.

Three of the four books shown on the left side image are books that I’ve picked up because I was attracted to their typesets: The Marlowe Papers, Palisades Park and Ready Player One. 

Aren’t they pretty? I am familiar with Jojo Moyes’ works so I have been looking forward to reading her latest (The Girl You Left Behind). But the other three novels were bought primarily because they would look pretty on my shelves. I’m sure they’re good pieces of literature as well. What about you? Are you drawn to typography as well? 
Thanks for reading! 
  • You should create another blog, Joy, purely for book porn :))) So lovely!

  • I think as of late, attractive typography is what publishers have been using to lure us into a book. I've seen some pretty good examples this year. Great post Joy!

  • I honestly don't look at the font all that closely unless it is something super pretty that stands out. Then I need to know more. I think that's happened quite a few times. It's probably what brought Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea to my attention. I should go to the bookstore more often and just look at the spines. 🙂

  • I am drawn to typography as well, Joy, although I didn't know there was a name for it! I could easily pick up a book and buy it just on the looks of it alone. Your choices here are quite pretty. 🙂

  • These are beautiful spines/books. I don't think I consciously pick up on typography, unless it's exceptionally pretty or exceptionally bad. But I do think I consider it with the overall look of the book. I haven't heard of all of these books, but I do recognize Ready Player One and remember reading good reviews for it!

  • I want to caress The Marlowe Papers! I love typography too. A lot of the time I'm more interested in it than the picture on the cover. I've also read a few books with knowing next to nothing about it, and it has always been a fun experience.

  • I love typography 🙂 So cool. I don't exactly pick a book out for that reason but they always do catch my eye. Ready Player One has an awesome cover.

  • I love the cover of The Girl You Left Behind (which I am dying to read!) and Palisades Park, especially the typography. I can't say I buy books based on the typography or cover, but a gorgeous cover or spine never hurts! Great post and beautiful photographs!

  • Love the post. <3 Thank you for sharing Joy. Oh, how I wish I could shop books at bookstores/looking at the spines. <3 Jealous. Living in Norway sucks 🙂 Anyway. I love reading your thoughts about everything 🙂 The books looks awesome. Enjoy them. <3

  • oh the covers are shinny! I love them! can't wait to read your thoughts! You're right I love the typo too! I have some like that.

  • I read Ready Player One without even knowing what it was about beforehand. I was drawn to the cover! TAnd he Marlowe Papers' spine is the sort of thing I can see myself gravitating towards in a bookshop. I've noticed an increase in font-driven covers recently, which pleases me, as I'm a big fan of them. It's partly also down to the fact that I don't like people on my book covers.

  • I can't say that I've ever bought a book due to its typography, but it's certainly something I can admire when it's done well (and sneer at when it's not.)

    I wish YA books stepped more outside of their typical comfort zone of “pretty girl in a pretty dress,” because that does not leave much space for creative typography.

    I love everything about the cover of The Marlowe Papers.

  • I'm also one of those who love Typography, especially when it comes to books that I haven't heard about when I am browsing at a bookstore. Some books I bought because of the font!

  • Typography isn't something I think a lot about. Recently someone left a comment on my STS that they hated the font on a cover, and I thought, “Hmmmm..” I'm paying more attention now!

  • Wow… I can't say I ever really paid typography much attention. Well at least not that I can think of but I can see why it drew you to these books. I actually LOVE the cover of Ready Player One 🙂 Thanks for this post and now I may be more aware 🙂

  • I'm totally guilty of this crime too! And your habit served you well this time, Ready Player One is a book I adored. I picked it up ages ago when it first showed up on Netgalley and I never regretted it for a second. It's more YA than adult, but you know.
    The Marlowe Papers looks gorgeous, btw. I'm in love.

  • You know, typography is not something I used to pay attention to aside from sometimes noting if it was pretty, but I'm in a publishing class right now and my professor had us research and do projects on typography and now I pay so much more attention to it! I would definitely pick up any of the four you chose because of the type, and I might buy The Marlowe Papers and The Girl You Left Behind because of it. 🙂