Photo Vomit [4]: Typography

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Welcome to this week’s edition of Photo Vomit. Today, I thought I’d talk about typography. I’m not proficient on the subject matter by any stretch of imagination but I am a fan of typesets that are unique and pleasing to the eyes.

While a lot of readers would be drawn to the covers of a book, it usually falls third on the list of criteria for choosing a book for me. This is most especially true when I find myself looking for Fiction/Literature reads. I don’t have to think too hard when I’m picking a book in the Teen section. I usually know what to get before I even leave the house. 
Adult Fiction is a whole different game altogether. I’m typically lost as to what novels to get. I think that’s why I rarely buy them; but for the last few weeks I have been inexplicably drawn to that section of my bookstore. 
The spine of a book is the first thing shoppers see when we’re browsing. I, myself have been guilty of picking up books without knowing what they’re about. The pretty letterings on the spine usually has to jump out of the shelves for the book to catch my eye.

Three of the four books shown on the left side image are books that I’ve picked up because I was attracted to their typesets: The Marlowe Papers, Palisades Park and Ready Player One. 

Aren’t they pretty? I am familiar with Jojo Moyes’ works so I have been looking forward to reading her latest (The Girl You Left Behind). But the other three novels were bought primarily because they would look pretty on my shelves. I’m sure they’re good pieces of literature as well. What about you? Are you drawn to typography as well? 
Thanks for reading! 

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