Find Me [Find Me, #1] by Romily Bernard

Find Me [Find Me, #1] by Romily Bernard
Goodreads Summary
Harper Teen | Hardcover, 307 pages
Publication Date:  September 24th, 2013
Young Adult
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

“Find Me.”

These are the words written on Tessa Waye’s diary. The diary that ends up with Wick Tate. But Tessa’s just been found . . . dead.

Wick has the right computer-hacking skills for the job, but little interest in this perverse game of hide-and-seek. Until her sister Lily is the next target.

Then Griff, trailer-park boy next door and fellow hacker, shows up, intent on helping Wick. Is a happy ending possible with the threat of Wick’s deadbeat dad returning, the detective hunting him sniffing around Wick instead, and a killer taunting her at every step?

Foster child. Daughter of a felon. Loner hacker girl. Wick has a bad attitude and sarcasm to spare.

But she’s going to find this killer no matter what.

Because it just got personal.

In My Own Words:

Wick Tate has always look out for two people in her life: herself and her sister. Being bounced around the foster care system is no picnic at the park but for once, they’ve actually found a good home. Foster parents who seem decent enough, they have clothes on their backs and a home beyond anything they could ever envisioned for themselves. But Wick is grounded enough to know that nothing good ever lasts so she has to make sure there’s a plan set for when the other shoe drops. Especially when no one seems to know the location of their abusive, criminal father.

She hacks for a living – a superhero of sort that saves women from cheating husbands for a fee. All incognito, of course. So when she gets a mysterious package on her doorstep, she senses that someone out there knows how she makes money. To her horror, the package contains the diary of one former best friend, Tessa Waye. And while looking inside she finds a two-word message: FIND ME. The talk at the school the next day is how Tessa supposedly jumped off a building much like Wick’s mom. Left with no other choice but to find out the reason why she’s left with Tessa’s diary, she sets out a mission that would lead her to Tessa’s killer.

In My Own Thoughts:

I think I mentioned in my brief review that this book was predictable. I mean the mystery surrounding Tessa’s suicide wasn’t that hard to solve once you’re about 15-20 pages in. The diary, even though, it offered a perspective on Tessa’s state of mind, lacked a certain urgency or even a sense of terror for the way her life was spiralling out of control. It hinted a lot of the killer’s identity as well, so the fact-finding was almost redundant by the time you move on to chapter five (give or take).

Wick’s character shows a lot of chutzpah, which I adore. She’s a tiny bundle of sarcasm, wit and inane ability to find trouble. But that’s part of her repertoire of charms, if you ask me. I love the way she buys herself time and bullshits her way out of sticky situations. She’s loyal and devoted to her sister’s well-being but she’s very wary of everyone that showed even a tiny iota of tenderness.

Griff is the token boy interest. I also adore him, though there was a certain predictability to his character as well.

Over all, I think Find Me was enjoyable enough. Regardless of how quickly I unraveled its mysteries, I was interested enough to see it through the end. It hardly made you think nor would you have to search your soul for answers but some days, books like Find Me is just what you need.