Crash Into You [Pushing the Limits, #3] by Katie McGarry

Crash Into You [Pushing the Limits, #3] by Katie McGarry
Publication Date: November 26th, 2013
E-ARC via Net Galley & Harlequin Teen
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

inner commentary Warning: Language and SPOILERS. 

Wow. I’ve never met a bunch of guilt-trippers worse than your family, Rachel. Every other word is a dig and a reminder that you’re nothing but a poor replacement of Colleen. Oh and mom? Get the fuck over it. She’s dead. God gave you another girl to love and to care for like one of those American Girl dolls that cost way too fucking much. And Rachel? Fuckkkkkk. Speak up, will you? Also, you suck. Seriously. You’re rich, all right? Get the fucking money somehow so someone like Isaiah can have a fighting chance at a clean life. You just sentenced him to a hard life of a criminal by letting him take on your debt.  Where the fuck do you thing he was going to get the money, anyway?
Oh come the fuck on! Some douche comes at you with some bullshit about your boyfriend being a sexist bully and you let that nugget of doubt infest your brain? Bullshit. That’s bullshit! As if the guy’s willingness to step in front of a blood-thirsty gang leader for you isn’t enough to justify exactly how the much boy loves you? Here’s a thought: did you ever wonder why that guy wanted to race YOU instead of Isaiah? Huh? Huh? Why do you think that is? Did it ever occur to you that the said blood-thirsty gang leader is out to sabotage yours and Isaiah’s plans to pay off the debt?
Oh for God’s sake, Isaiah! Get that gunk out of your ear and listen to your mother! Jesus. Here’s your chance to get to know her again; your chance to re-build your relationship with her. So the fucking what if she didn’t contact you as soon as she got out of the big house? Did it ever occur to you that she’s trying to establish a life first before she comes crawling at your door? I am not impressed, Isaiah. I am not impressed.
actual review
My initiation with Ms. McGarry’s work didn’t end up as well as the popular opinion.  Truthfully, it’s because her characters drove me crazy. I didn’t understand them – their actions. I just couldn’t sympathize. Because of this reason, I decided she’s an author whose work I could live without. Crash Into You was a second chance read. And for the better part of the novel, it was looking like I will be disappointed again.
But listen, this book grew on me. Isaiah and Rachel grew on me. I learned to give them passes for their stupid decisions. I learned to accept the fact that I have no control over a couple of fictional characters’ actions. All I can do is to sit back and let the story unfold. It would make sense in the end even though the journey to get here was rife with seemingly insurmountable challenges. And boy, did they ever test me.
I was not a fan of Beth in the first book so I didn’t read the book after that. As a result, I don’t know hers and Isaiah’s past. In the end it didn’t matter because once Rachel entered the picture, he was a lost cause. Isaiah is a stock, packaged bad boy character. It doesn’t mean that’s all he was, though. I like him. I like his story, I like his layers and all the things that made up of who he is. The same goes with Rachel. Even though I was infuriated for most of the time, I loved this book in the end. 
I couldn’t fault McGarry for creating such believable characters and realistic scenarios. I can see myself reacting the same way if I had a couple people in my life like Rachel and Isaiah. Anyway, I’m happy I gave this series another chance. I might be persuaded to read Beth’s story somewhere down the road. 

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