Morsels [13]: Selling Scarlet and The Diary of Brad de Luca

Selling Scarlett [Love Inc., #1] by Ella James
Goodreads Summary
Barkley’s Books | E-ARC via Netgalley
Publication Date: April 13th, 2013
Adult Fiction, Erotica
Rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

Ridiculous plot line or not, I went into this book with the idea that it’s going to be like a Pretty Woman type of story. While the selling of Scarlett part happened for about two seconds in the book, the better part of the story was really focused on Hunter.

Scarlett or Elizabeth is a twenty-something virgin who is looking to make some quick money in order to help out a friend. Commendable reason, yes. But there’s something utterly preposterous about someone selling their virginity – a concept, that while I know may be happening behind closed doors – is just utterly unrealistic to me. 

I really have no idea why they packaged this novel like the entire plot revolves around Scarlett. It’s really more about Hunter, who got tangled with the law for the disappearance of a prostitute.  
The air of mystery surrounding the book was nicely done but the romance was a little hot and cold for me.
As for pacing, there were instances when readers would get lost; the author didn’t really have any smooth transitions of events. It lent for a frustrating, choppy read.
This is my second Ella James book; and though I didn’t really enjoy reading this one, I’m looking forward to reading more of her work. 

The Diary of Brad de Luca [Innocence, #1.5] by Alessandra Torre
Goodreads Summary
Indie | E-copy via Netgalley
Publication Date: September 30th, 2013
Adult Fiction, Erotica
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

This is sort of a prequel to the series, Blindfolded Innocence. I know nothing, much less heard about it before. It’s the beginning of Brad de Luca’s obsession with Julia Campbell. 
This little novella was a scorcher and it was fun to see the unraveling of one playboy extraordinaire. The man did not lack for confidence and charisma or women, for that matter. Julia, on the other hand, was a feisty, independent woman who can play the game Brad is playing.
Perfect introduction to a sizzling series, if you ask me. I’m definitely considering reading the rest of the books. 


Finding Cinderella [Hopeless, 2.5] by Colleen Hoover
Goodreads Summary
Atria Books | e-Book
Publication Date: October 14th, 2013
Young Adult, Romance
Rating 5 out of 5 Stars

Ridiculously good. I’ve never read Hoover’s Hopeless series so this is my introduction and quite a memorable one at that! Gawd. I wish this was a full-lenght novel. I have read it back to back since I downloaded it. It is that good!

Hoover combined humour and heartbreak and hopeful beginnings in the story of a boy and a girl who had a connection at a time when they both knew a relationship is impossible. Oh and it was so so good and funny and heartbreaking and I just want to – gah! Yeah. That’s as eloquent as I’m going to get.

I did end up at my bookstore yesterday to pick up Hopeless and Losing Hope. What can I say? I’m an easy sell. 😉

Speechless. Move over, Will. You’ve been replaced by Daniel. Sorry. 

  • I'm so thrilled you loved Finding Cinderella as much as I did. Hoover has definite talent packing a story with that much punch in a mere 105 pages.

    The premise of Selling Scarlett does not appeal to me. I guess it wasn't all that for you either. Pass.

    I do love the sound of The Diary of Brad de Luca. You got it from Netgalley? I'll have to run on over there. Dang it, Joy! My TBR is already out of control! 🙂

  • I haven´t read Finding Cinderella but I need to pick it up soon because I loved Hopeless and especially Losing Hope (this is my favorite from the duology).

  • I LOVED Finding Cinderella! I can't believe you read it BEFORE the others, but I'm glad to see you picked those up this week, too. 🙂 I mean, she totally said it could be read as a stand-alone, and it can, but I felt like it was kind of an inside joke that you'd understand better if you'd read the first two books. Still, I'm glad you loved it. And I think I saw mention on her website that she might be writing more in this series next year. Eeekk! 🙂

  • Yeah, selling your prostitution is a premise that could go terribly, terribly wrong. At least it wasn't horrible, if it was good enough for 3 stars!

    I am surprised and pleased to see your 5 stars for the Colleen Hoover short, too. I read SLAMMED and thought it was just okay, but I've heard this series is better. Btw, a better (and hotter, hee hee) version of SLAMMED is UNTEACHABLE by Leah Raeder. Erotic, unapologetic, and crazy, and one of the best New Adult titles I've read to date.

    Wendy @ The Midnight Garden

  • Selling Scarlet does not sound like a book for me at all. I'm glad you didn't hate it 😀 Thank you for being honest Joy. <3 But ohh, Finding Cinderella sounds good 😀 Glad you loved it so much. <3 I have a copy of Hopeless, and I'm hoping to read it someday ;p Hope you'll love it 🙂

  • I hadn't heard of any of these but I haven't read Colleen Hoover yet and this sounds like one I should try!

  • oh so many different books and reviews. I didn't know these ones (yes I know I usually don't know your books, but I like to note it lol). The first one might not be for me and I'm curious about the last one, well 5/5 helps a lot lol

  • I haven't read anything by Colleen Hoover yet. But, everyone always seems to love her books and I can't wait to check them out for myself!

    Kristin @ Young Adult Book Haven

  • Good reviews. These sound pretty interesting.

  • LOL! That first book sure does have a strange plot line. I wonder if things like this actually happen in real life. I personally don't think this would be the book for me, but I'm glad you decided to give it a shot.

    I'm so glad you enjoyed Finding Cinderella. I haven't read the book yet, but I'm looking forward to reading it. It sounds so good and Colleen Hoover is a pretty awesome writer. I can't wait to see what you think of her other books.

    Lovely reviews! 🙂

  • Two thumbs up for Colleen Hoover, I've heard nothing but awesome things about this lady's writing! I haven't read her Hopeless series either, but trust, I am planning to.
    But Joy, Ella James…? 🙂 *shakes head* Hahaha, just kidding, I'm not judging 🙂 I saw this book on Christina's Cover Snark and thought *oh, that's a weird plot line*. And it kind of made me think of Pretty Woman, too, tho I must say, I'm just not into these kind of stories at all. If I ever do pick it up, it'll probably be a case of extreme boredom or trying to see just how bad it is. I know, I am horrible, I just can't help it 🙂