Many Thanks!

It is that time of the year

when orange blossoms
and clear, cool days are near.
Sweaters, pumpkins and piles 
of autumn leaves
and hot sunny days
for which we grieve. 
It is also a day for Canadians to give thanks
for our health, for the love 
and the blessings we received. 
I’m sure there are more
for which we are thankful for,
I, for one, have a list to explore.
For my husband who just paid off
my bills – who, by the way, looked green and a little ill
when he saw exactly how much I spent
and said my vice he can no longer supplement. 
For my kids who gave me headaches 
on a regular basis
but never forgets to give me hugs,
i love yous and nightly kisses.
For the girls who work
at my bookstore
who don’t know exactly how much
I adore 
and though they could
no longer recommend a book I don’t own
it’s still nice to talk to someone
who shares my love and passion.
For everyone who gives this blog
some comment love
I know you’re too nice
to say how much I suck
But I love you all just the same
you’ve given me reasons
to keep on living blogging.
Happy Thanksgiving Day, Canada! 

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