Bang [Visions, #2] by Lisa McMann

Bang [Visions, #2] by Lisa McMann
Goodreads Summary
Simon Pulse | Hardcover, 256 pages
Young Adult
Rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

Lisa McMann’s follow up to her Visions series didn’t lack for suspense. Aided by the mysterious curse that seemed to have been passed down from Jules, Sawyer is gifted with the same frightening visions. His, however, is infinitely worse due to the inherent violence of a direct-from-the-news school shooting.

Sawyer’s frustration leaps off the pages as he tries to grasp what it was he was supposed to do with the recurring nightmares that he keeps seeing. While Jules have fought tooth and nail to save the boy she loves in the first book, Sawyer flounders to figure things out. Jules shared his frustration as well and at times it had put a strain in their burgeoning relationship. But the process in which they try to piece together the clues is only half the fun in this book.

There’s no new developments or resolution in terms of the family feud – which is probably the only thing that concerned me with this series. I was also hoping to have Jules finally clear the air with her parents but to no avail. She did finally tell her dad that she knew about the affair. Sawyer also finally gets himself out of the toxic environment that was his home – which is a relief because his situation was heartbreaking. The feud is pretty preposterous, but so did the Montague-Capulet’s. I’m hoping things will finally be better in the next book.

As usual, the Demarco siblings’ dynamics is one of the best things about this book. Their support system is quite a novelty, actually. You can sense the loyalty and the love in everything that they do. Slowly but surely, Trey and Rowan are finally getting a piece of the pie and I love, love, love these two. If there’s something that I can sort of complain about (in a backhanded kind of way) is the sometimes misplaced humour when things get a bit serious. The balls jokes, especially, gets me snickering at the most inconvenient of times. I wouldn’t say it’s a complaint but it feels silly just the same.

Lisa McMann keeps delivering with whatever book she writes. I have a feeling that I will not be able to resist her MG series, even though it’s not really my cup of tea. Over all, Visions have readily become one of those series that I’ve eagerly anticipated. Short as they are, these books are easily digestible and potently addictive.

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