[mis]Adventures in San Diego

Hi there.

Here’s another edition of [mis]Adventures.

Destination: San Diego, California

Duration: September 27 – 30, 2013
It was our annual pilgrimage to San Diego – our second city, beloved Chargers Country. For those of you who doesn’t know, I’m a huge football fan.  Every year, my husband and I make it a point to see a Chargers game. This year, we’re so pumped that we actually won against the formidable Dallas Cowboys!

My husband and I are creatures of habits. If we like something or somewhere, we tend to stay where we are for years to come.

As is the case whenever we go to San Diego. We eat at the same places and stay at the same hotel.

This year is no different.

I’m not going to mention where we stayed but this place is amazing. I love the hotel’s interior – a mix of old and contemporary. I also love their friendly staff. They knock at around 8ish at night for turn-down service along with complimentary Russian mints.

We had plans to check out this brand-spanking new San Diego Central Library – which incidentally, opened the weekend we were there – but we ran out of time. So much to do, so little… Plus, I had a feeling it was cramping my husband’s style [insert eyeroll here].

We’ve been going to San Diego for several years but have yet to test the waters. So my husband and I decided to cab it to Coronado Island on Saturday. There is a reason why this is our first time visiting Coronado Island. The bridge over the bay scares the bejeebus out of us. It’s pretty high and I’m not too enthused about it being over a pretty large body of water. 
It was a beautiful, hot day. I was in jeans [what was I thinking?]. I looked like a moron – a sweaty moron. 
Game day. We were surrounded by the visiting team’s fans. The entire city was actually crawling with them. It sure felt like we were the ones visiting. Regardless, the victory was so sweet. 
Also, do you know how ridiculous I looked with the NFL-mandated purse I was supposed to carry around instead of my own? Oh the horror. 
Anyway, we won. So…
I got my drink on. 
And then I bought the latest Kings of Leon album at Starbucks of all places. 
We almost missed our flight home. We went to the wrong airport; but my dork of a husband was still riding on a high so he was all, yeah. Check me out. 
That was our trip. 
Visit me next time when we take the kids to the happiest place on Earth. I’ll be the one with a purse-full of aspirins. Oy vey. 

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