On the Night Table with Anne Eliot

My first victim for this post is a good friend of mine; author of Almost and Unmaking of Hunter Kennedy, Anne Eliot. This lady is as funny as she is deadly with a pen. I’ve gotten to know her in the last couple of years after I read and reviewed her debut work. And man, this woman is the kindest, sweetest author I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. She’s got one unforgivable flaw, however. She’s a Denver Broncos fan. I love her to pieces except when it’s football season, during which time I try to remember the fact that she’s from Colorado and she has no choice but to root for our rival. Go Chargers!!!

Anyway, let’s see what she’s reading nowadays.

Hey Joy! Here is THE nightstand. Purchased at one fabulous estate sale this summer for six dollars! I know you are thinking WHO would let this beauty go? But it was an estate sale where the person had…um…died, so there’s your answer. A nightstand with fake books hiding a secret cubbyhole where you can stash more books or just secrets. It will be cherished and passed along to the next person; you guessed it, AFTER I’M DEAD! Unless you want it Joy, because I know you would give it a good home as well. I will gladly brave the Canadian customs officers to bring this to you, just say the word or I’ll hand it over when we meet up this year at BEA! 🙂  

The book I’m reading is a medieval romance called Trust in Me. When I need to escape life, laundry and the neglected chores around here, I run to medieval times! It is more on the traditional side of the genre and it’s written by Lana Williams. It’s about this sexy knight (because medieval always have one of those) who’s all mysterious and wounded and angry (love me some wounded and angry knights). Frankly, despite the title, this king is also not at all trustworthy at the beginning of the book. He’s working hard to hide the secret of his second sight. It’s a great story and a great writer. If you really like to feel like you are walking around in medieval times, then Lana Williams is for you. This book is part of a trilogy but it’s not one of those consecutive ones, rather it skips around so you don’t have to read them in order. I’m the one who always purchases book two first, not knowing it’s a series. Nothing makes me crazier than opening a new book and realizing you don’t know a darn thing and you need to go back to the bookstore. Thankfully my Kindle can now solve my problem instantly. 

*Sighs, dreams about meeting Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, tells him THANKS for instant download purchases, strokes his sexy bald head and whispers how much he reminds her of Captain Picard which causes her to shout out, “Oh, Captain! MY CAPTAIN!” as she wanders off to download The Dead Poets Society on her Kindle so she can watch it before bed…?* 

Uh…too much here? Sorry.  Side note: Yes, those are fortune cookies by my bed just in case I get hungry or need instant pre-sleep advice and can not get the Dali Lama to tweet me back. The book titled Wild Animal Pets is about BEARS and RACCOONS. It’s an old book we found and I’m reading it with my son, that’s it. No Shades of Animal Pets here. And no…the cookies do not help me to ‘get lucky’ so just read on with your dirty minds. So awkward to have everyone staring at my bedroom.

The last book I read: I was on a Lila Felix binge. Read her Love and Skate series, fell in love with a guy called Falcon, and then Maddox, and now Nixon. It’s sweet, as in squeaky clean New Adult, which is hard to come by. Lila is amazing at emotion and even if you know nothing about Roller Derby, by the end of it you feel all tough like you could try it.

What I’m reading next:  I want to read Rachel Higginson’s romances and the rest of Rachel Wade’s books because I am going to meet them this year at signings and because they are awesome and kind and so funny online. I have not had time like I want to catch up on their work, so my next binge-read-athon goes for them. So many great books out there right now. If only we did not have to sleep.

That is quite an impressive night table, Annie. It’s like made specially for bookworms! So lucky you found it and for cheap! I’m all kinds of jealous, actually. 🙂

About the Reader:

I know you can’t use this photo, but WHY put up a shot of myself when I can remind you what Justin Timberlake USED to look like when WE were younger. 

All these young girls calling him cute (and he still is) but let’s all just remember here when WE had this Justin Timberlake all to ourselves, just like we also had Leonardo DiCaprio. 

Every day I have to hear 15/16 year olds tell me how hot MY boyfriends are?  *Sighs, misses watching Titanic and The Back Street Boys SO MUCH* Sorry, just saw the One Direction Documentary last weekend with my girls, and it got me all choked up. I’ve still got a crush on that Irish kid, (not a creepy cougar crush, just an ‘Aww, he’s so cute like that amazing Ed SheeSheeranran kid’ kind of crush). 

Oh hell yes, I’m putting up this picture! Lol. You’re so random, Anne. 🙂 Thanks for doing this! I love you forever!

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