30 Days to Wreck this Journal

Hi there, readers!

If you’ve been visiting in the last little while, you may or may not have noticed a nice, not so snazzy button on my side bar proclaiming a ‘thing’ of some sort on the blog. It’s the 30 Days to Wreck this Journal event hosted by yours truly and will be participated by…well, yours truly. Yup. Just me. That doesn’t mean, however, that it’s not going to be open for anyone who wants to join in the fun or…insanity. In fact, here’s your formal invitation:
*taps mic* [screeching feedback]
Whoops. Sorry about that. 
Anyway, for the month of October, I will be doing something that’s totally against every grain of my belief and conviction: I will intentionally ruin the pages of a book. Why? Well, because Keri Smith said so. For an entire month, she holds all control of my defences. She will tell me to destroy, decimate, disrespect, damage a book and I will be a willing participant to this heinous madness. 
If you’re not familiar with this book, every page contains instructions on how to obliterate it one painful, cringe-worthy fashion at a time. Here are some examples: 
Right. No problem. As long as I don’t have to lick… 
Crap. Spoke too soon. Really? You want me to lick this page?!

I think I’ll have to do this one when I’ve completely destroyed this journal. 

Sure. No problem. I can do that. I can totally hit some random person with this journal…
Ugh. One thing’s for sure, this journal is not getting within an inch of somebody else’s…er, crotch. Ick. 
So yes, if this sort of activities is your thing, join me! You can post what you did everyday or heck at the end of October as long as the journal has been wr-wr-wrecked. You can blog about it. You can tweet about it (mention me! @joyousreads). You can Instagram it (mention me! @joyousreads) or you can even post it on my Facebook page! 
This book is available at your bookstore. It’ll be fun! It’ll be crazy. And the best part is, you’ll be filled with self-remorse afterwards! I’m looking forward to seeing how sad and pathetic it looks by the end of the month. 
I hope you’ll check back here because this may be one of those rare instances when I finally VLOG. Say what?!