Time After Time by Tamara Ireland Stone

Time After Time by Tamara Ireland Stone
Disney Hyperion | e-ARC via Net Galley
YA Romance, October 1st, 2013
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

So the epic ‘long distance’ relationship between Bennett and Anna ends right here. It is a sad day, to be honest. I wish someone will continue this story. I’ll even settle for a fan fiction. I didn’t read Time Between Us when it came out. In fact, I’d only read it a couple of weeks ago – and in one day at that. When I saw the sequel was up on Net Galley, I requested it right away. To my delight, I found out that this was told in Bennett’s POV.

This time-traveling book was so easy to follow; readers will not be confused as it only switches between two periods. The one source of my concern with this series was the lack of scientific explanation as to how Bennett was able to travel. Conventional wisdom dictates that there should be some sort of viable information – doesn’t have to be verifiable – but it has to at least be explained, however far-fetched it may be. The thing is, though it was a bit of a disappointment, I really didn’t mind it at all. I wholly accepted the simple justification.

This series was truly enjoyable, written with romance as the lead-in. Forget about all that time/space continuum garble. It’s all about two people that have met at the wrong time. Anna is pretty much playing catch-up to Bennett; because he was born in the future and Anna lived in the past. They’re trying to make an impossible relationship work. The more time Bennett switches between his time and Anna’s the more he realizes how difficult it is. The side effects of sliding are becoming more rampant and intense; as intense as his need to be with Anna.

In here, Bennett started to figure out that changing the past has some consequences that changes the outcome no matter what. It’s interesting to see that stopping something from happening amounts to a different ending altogether – more often for the bad. He’s learned to understand exactly what he’s supposed to do with his abilities and that the ultimate lesson of all is that it’s always about his choice and not someone else’s prodding.

Some readers would question how easily most have accepted Bennett’s abilities with uncanny ease; but for me, I’ve learned to just take everything with a grain of salt. Being a fan of this series pretty much enabled me to put my blinders on to its tiny imperfections.

The ending wasn’t enough for me; I mean it’s awesome and all but not the perfect ending I was looking for. Heck, who am I kidding? I didn’t want it to end at all. One thing’s for sure though, it had me worried there for a second.

  • I can't believe I still haven't read the first. I was super excited for it last year and time got away from me. Glad you enjoyed this one too! I must make time soon!

  • Maybe it's a good book, but I don't like sad story!

  • Lol! What you started on Twitter… *smh* I'm just glad I'm not the only one going around in circles about their ages! 🙂

  • Oh I really hope she'll revisit it someday. I'll even settle for novellas! 🙂

  • I hope you'll be able to read them, Melliane. I quite enjoyed them. 🙂

  • It truly was. I never minded any of that stuff. And if you have the chance to read it, Evie, you'd fall in love with the romance in this book as well! Thanks for stopping by! 😉

  • It was a good ending, I supposed but I guess the trademark of a great read is if the reader didn't want the book to end. 🙂

  • Yes! So glad you liked this series. My review for this is scheduled for … Idk, soon- lol. Anyway, yeah, this is most a story about A and B, not TT itself. That's why I was perfectly fine not knowing how he TT, he doesn't even know. I just assume it's something genetic like in The Time Traveler's Wife. But oh my gosh ye, I want more! Because I start thinking .. okay so B is 17 in 2012, but A is like 30 (right?), so is there a 30 year old Bennett from 2029 hanging with Anna in 2012? I could go on for days with these kind of thoughts.. lol

  • I agree Joy, I was expecting a lot more from the ending too, but I hope that it's left that way so that the author does decide to return to these fantastic characters, because I definitely don't want to say goodbye to them just yet! Great review Joy! 🙂

  • I didn't know this book but it sounds nice. I really hope the second will be as good. LOL we never want to end to be here, but ultimately it's always the case.

  • I haven't read the first book yet, though it was always one of the novels I really wanted to pick up *sighs at the hardships of blogger's life*. I have heard amazing things about it, tho, and am glad to see you enjoyed the sequel as well. I love books written from two different perspectives, so I'm glad this one tells the story through the guy's POV 🙂 The lack of scientific explanation for time-travel seems a bit sketchy and I would probably be annoyed with it, too, but for the most part if the story is captivating and engaging enough, I can forgive 😛

    Great review! 🙂

  • Aw, so sorry the ending didn't do it for you. I am all about worth the read, but I need a great ending too

  • Totally worth the read, Carina. I hope you'll get to read it soon!

  • Yes! You should, Candace. This was a very fun read!

  • Awesome review Joy 😀 Sigh. I cannot wait to get my hardcover of this book so that I can read book one. <3 I'm really excited about reading this series; think they sounds amazing and I think the romance will be amazing. Sigh. But ohh. Worried about ending.. just hoping they end up together for always. <3 Sniffs. Glad you enjoyed it, though 😀

  • I've had the first book for well over a year and STILL haven't read it! But I'm really excited to, I love time travel books!

  • Oh yes. This was a very enjoyable read, Shweta! Thanks for stopping by!

  • I hope you'll get to, Jen. Give it another go in the future. 🙂

  • Oh me too. I'm more partial to a boy POV, though. I don't know why that is. 😉

  • We seem to share the same sentiment but I guess, I was more generous with this book, Sam. 🙂

  • I hope you get to read it, Ro. It really was a fantastic read.

  • I am a huge fan of time travel books though I don't know how I missed out on reading this series. Looks like I need to correct that!

  • I'm not always crazy about time travel books, and I had a few issues with the first one, but I would like to read this one day!
    Jen @ YA Romantics

  • I haven't read these, although I've been meaning to, but it's fabulous that the same story gets told from both sides. I adore that sort of thing. I'll try to squeeze them in as soon as humanly possible.
    Lovely review.

  • I also read the first book only recently. It wasn't brilliant for me, but I did enjoy it quite a bit overall. The concepts are lacking explanations and believability, but it doesn't really matter in a story like this. And I had no idea the sequel was from Bennett's point of view! That makes me curious now. I also want to see how it all wraps up. Lovely review, Joy!

  • There there, sadly books must end . I know it is sad. Hugs

    I hope to read time after time. I always read it in the same rhythm lol