Omens [Cainsville, #1] by Kelley Armstrong

Omens [Cainsville, #1] by Kelley Armstrong
Random House Canada | Hardcover, 496 pages
Adult Paranormal | August 20, 2013
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Kelley Armstrong’s brand new series jettisons her readers into a mystical town full of secrets and ominous dangers. The town of Cainsville, with its nebula of mystery and equally mysterious townsfolk will have the readers salivating for its seemingly dark history.

If you’re a reader of her previous work (The Women of Otherworld), you will be hard-pressed to find anything substantially supernatural about Omens. As it is the first book of a trilogy, all it has so far are hints and innuendos. That doesn’t mean, however, that this book will reduce you to a yawning, bored reader. It’s just as menacing and gripping.

The book stars a socialite heiress who suddenly found herself in a reversal of fortune of some sort. While she could survive having to live within her means, the fact that she’s just found out she’s the daughter of serial killers might be a little tough to swallow. On the run from the paparazzi who hounded her and abandoned by her family and her former fiancé, she immediately got a taste of what life is like without those she’s counted on for most of her life. But Olivia Taylor-Jones cannot be defeated that easily. With her biological parents’ portentous lawyer’s help, she goes and investigates the murders that her parents apparently committed.

Armstrong has been a pioneer when it comes to creating strong female characters; and Olivia or Eden is pretty much ripped from the same cloth. The woman didn’t even blink or bat an eyelash when she realized she’d had to wait tables for a living while investigating the crimes. The town that she found herself settling in certainly has its charms but what appealed to me more was the different omens and what they represented. It was informative to say the least.

I’ve only been a fan Armstrong’s YA novels so I can’t really say much about her adult paranormal series. What I can glean from them though was her penchant to write romances that are not dictated by trend or what her readers would like. There’s barely any romance here to speak of. What you will be treated to are a couple of headstrong, jousting characters. Sparks fly but not in the way you’d imagine. I’m looking forward to see more developments in this area for sure.

Fans of Women of Otherworld may find this intro to be a sluggish read but new readers will find this a fantastic beginning to what is gearing up to be an exciting, bloody series. Kelley lives for build-up and this book is a testament to that.

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