On the Night Table

On the Night Table is a brand new thing I’m experimenting on the blog where I will try to feature a normal human being reading at a normal human pace and who doesn’t collect books like it’s going out of style. This week, I’m victimizing myself. Ha. Okay, I’m far from normal and the bit about finding a normal human reader in my tiny world is a little impossible. My world is full of people who reads a lot but I’ll scour the earth and will try to pester some people.  I will also feature authors and bloggers alike, so don’t fret. YOU could possibly be the next victim. This feature will also have a little tid-bit about the guest and if he or she is not at all shy, I will also ask them for their mugshot.

I thought that since this is the first go, I should go ahead and do one about me. If you’ve ever wondered what I look like in person, here’s your chance. Just…try to keep your laughter to a minimum. Thanks.

So, on my night table today is Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore by Robin Sloan. It’s about Clay Jannon, a web designer who recently found himself unemployed. Running out of prospects in a stumbling economy, he decided that any work would suffice. Without giving a lot of it away, the bookstore is like a fantasyland: bookshelves that reach oblivion, small clientele who comes in at an ungodly hours of the night, and books that are printed in codes.

Anyway, I’m only about a quarter in and I’m thoroughly enjoying this. This book would speak to a lot of book enthusiasts. It resonates a lot about how we feel when we first walk in to a bookstore or how we feel about books, period. It’s a fantastic, light read that’s as mysterious as the stock room in the basement of this old bookstore I see on my drive home. I’ve never been there but I know for a fact they have a basement full of old books. How? Well, I called them one time looking for a copy of Cat on a Hot Thin Roof. And the lady who answered the phone told me I have to call back because she has to close up for a bit and go in the basement to look for this thing. I so want to work there.

What do I plan on reading next? I’m trying to get through a wack-load of review copies. Here’s hoping that I’d be strong enough to ignore the call of purchased books so I can prioritize my review pile.

Photo bombed!

Meet the Reader: I’m a 39 year-old mother of two. I’ve been married to the same bloke for thirteen years who’ve put up with my crazies for the last twenty. When I’m not reading or blogging, I’m busy being a mom, a wife and just being awesome. I start a lot of projects and neglects to finish them. I have an obsessive personality.

I’m a Filipina; my family and I moved to Canada in 1992 and was lucky enough to have met my one-and-only a year after.

I am a big Kings of Leon fan girl who thinks drummers are gods. I will divorce my husband for a shot at Caleb Followill and Dave Grohl (at the same time, preferably)…I’m kidding. My husband is my rockstar. I collect words and write accessible poetry. I despise beans in my chili or soup, olives in my pizza or salad and cilantro induces violent vomiting when consume. My bucket list includes a trip to Australia and hounding the following authors: Melina Marchetta, Fiona Wood, Simson Graeme, Paula Weston, Leanne Hall, Bill Condon, and Cath Crowley.

  • Well, damn. You are awesome 😀 Loved reading all of this about you. <3 And ohh. First picture I have seen of you! You look gorgeous 🙂 Hah, you met your husband in 93, the year I was born. Thank you for sharing Joy. <3

  • Love this Joy! I promise if I win a million bucks I'll bring you and Alexa to Australia!! We can go on the hunt for our own Jonah Griggs! I'm a little sad that you don't like cilantro though 🙁 I can eat that thing like is no ones business. I LOVE the picture with you and your son! You guys look adorable 🙂

  • Great post, it's really fun to read it!

  • Love this new feature, Joy! Can't wait to see more of it, but I doubt anyone one can ever top yours! You are amazing, hilarious and just all-around awesome! 😀 (You must be, like, who's that creep and why is she talking about me as if she knows me?! Well, I've been stalking your blog for a long time and I always see you commenting on Tiff's blog, so I'm making a point of commenting more – or maybe I should say finally commenting!)

    See you around, awesome photo bomb! You both look adorable 🙂

    Evie @Bookish

  • Gorgeous as always Joy. I think you need to add a trip to MI to your bucket list. I miss your face. Love you

  • “I will divorce my husband for a shot at Caleb Followill and Dave Grohl (at the same time, preferably)”

    Oh you never fail to make me laugh. 😉

    A trip to Australia to hound aussie writers should be on everyone's bucket list. Also I love that picture of you and your son. So cute! Mr. Penumbra's 24-Hour Bookstore is new to me, but it sounds fantastic – I'll have to check that out! This is a great new feature. 🙂