Hoarders, Episode 85: Books and Outdoors

Disclaimer: No books were damaged during this shoot.

I decided to take my books outside.

It was so pretty this morning that I couldn’t resist. It was one of those, the day couldn’t decide whether or not to let the sun come out or let loose a downpour.

(update: the latter happened)
Styxx by Sherrilyn Kenyon is book #23 of her Dark Hunter series. I’m severely behind but have been managing to buy the consequent instalments. This one is massive (823 pages), so I definitely need to invest some time. 

Thornhill by Kathleen Peacock and The Chaos of Stars by Kiersten White. These books are a couple of highly anticipated in my shelves. I hope they’re worth the wait. 

Rose Under Fire by Elizabeth Wein
Hostage [Bodyguard, #1] by Chris Bradford
Projection by Risa Green

Last week, I was able to attend a book signing by Kelley Armstrong. I didn’t get pictures taken, though.  Sorry. But I was able to meet up with Mary Ann of Chapter by Chapter, Kristie of Lost in Ever After and Mel – a fellow book nut. 

Right now, I’m about three quarters into Omens and I think there’s no better way than to read this at this pace (been reading it for a week). It’s wonderful and dark and Gothic in every conceivable way. Plus, there are gargoyles! 

That’s it. No adult fictions this week but I hope to remedy that on my next jaunt. I hope y’all had a great week. 🙂