Crash [Visions, #1] by Lisa McMann

Crash [Visions, #1] by Lisa McMann
Simon Pulse | Hardcover, 233 pages
YA Paranormal Romance
Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

Lisa McMann’s latest dive into the paranormal geared towards the young adult combines her penchant for mysticism and perception beyond ordinary.

Visions series follows the same formula as her Dream Catcher series – which I absolutely loved. Her characters has some kind of psychic ability that they’re able to use for the common good. In here, Jules gets visions of bad things that will happen in the future and it’s up to her to try and stop it or warn whoever’s directly impacted by the occurrence. In this case, son of rival family, Sawyer.

The family rivalry rivals that of the Capulet and Montagues. And wouldn’t you know it? Julia and Sawyer are of Italian descent. There’s something infinitely passionate about the Italians – especially when it comes to food and love. You never, ever covet their recipes the way you covet their spouses.

Jules and Sawyer used to be best friends until their respective families battles against the other made virtual strangers out of them. But even though they’ve grown apart, they have never stopped being aware of each other’s existence. When Jules started having visions of Sawyer dying in a horrific accident involving a crash and explosion, she ignores all her resentment and abandonment issues toward the boy that she’s loved forever. It’s too bad that all her warnings make her sound like a nut job. Disregarding the ridicule she’s bound to get, she sets out to save him even if it meant lying to her parents and risking the possibility of lifetime grounding.

Reading Crash is like talking to one of those Gilmore Girls. You need to get your brain up to speed with the conversation or you’ll fall behind. It doesn’t mean, however, that the plot moved at a break-neck speed. It’s timed right, though fast-paced and ripe with suspense. The romance has the forbidden factor that most romance readers would enjoy. It’s the thrilling possibility that they could get caught and the sweet moments when they realize how much they’ve missed.

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