Confessions of an Addict [18]: Distracted Blogger is Distracted

You sit in front of your desk

determined to write
thoughts on the books
you just read in delight
You crack your knuckles 
– shake the tingles off your hands
– straighten up your spine
– look for music that inspires.
You go on You Tube
find the band that you like
half an hour later, 
you sit there mesmerized.
Many more minutes ticked by
and soon you’re blinking in time
with the twitching cursor
and a page all in white. 
You’re no close to writing
the things you wanted to say
because of the blasted videos
and the music that’s blaring. 
You close your screen
decide to read the blogs you’re following
comment on posts
but still none is helping.
You decide to postpone
whatever it is you’re supposed to write
hurt yourself laughing
on cats and Vine viewing
Ahh the life of a distracted blogger
the curse of a book hoarder
your fleeting attention span
screwed the schedule that you’ve planned.
I sat in my brand new office trying to write reviews for books that I’ve read recently. Right now, I think I have at least four. I just get easily distracted – may it be whatever music video is on You Tube or my kids who needs something or other, I just can’t keep to a schedule that I make for myself. One link leads to another until I can’t remember what I was doing to begin with. 
But hey, I find that my new blogging station at home promotes creativity. It’s just…I ended up writing something that has nothing to do with the blog. I think it’s because it’s brighter in here than in my little nook in the bedroom. I also have a bigger desk now which tremendously help with the much-needed space for clutter. And trust. I can amass clutter like it’s nobody’s business. You’d think a basement office would be gloomy and dank but I’m proud to say mine’s none of those. Though I need a sweater when I’m down here. It’s frigid. 
What about you? What type of music do you use when you’re blogging? Or do you find music to be a distraction when you write? If so, where else do you find inspiration?

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