Playing For Keeps by Kate Perry

Frustrating family relations + push-over heroine = lacklustre read

Playing For Keeps
by Kate Perry
Self-Published | Kindle Edition
Well, I think that about says it all, doesn’t it? I’m not a fan of a push over character and Gracie…my God, girl. I spent a lot of time glaring at my Kindle because she made me want to throw a hissy fit or hit myself for continuing on. But I persevered. It was a fast read that took me just a couple of hours to polish off.

The story goes that when Gracie’s mother died, she took over the helm as the care-taker of the family. Because of that, she refused to live, ignored her dreams of owning a flower shop and forsaken all thoughts of having a relationship with anyone. She’s terrified of being left alone but scurries away at the first sign of intimacy. When Pete, her best friend, finally showed interest, she opted to keep the relationship a secret much to Pete’s dismay and disappointment. But the guy’s a trooper and decides to wait until she’s ready to tell the world. In all the chaos of her sister’s wedding that she’d been delegated to plan, the startling reality that she’s lived in the shadow of her family becomes glaringly obvious.

It wasn’t just that Gracie was a frustrating character, it’s also that her sisters were so hatefully self-absorbed. It’s like reading Cinderella without the evil step mother. The father was also so detached from everything. They treated Gracie like a doormat. I didn’t understand why she had to keep hers and Pete’s relationship from everyone, even after her father and her younger sister told her they knew. I mean, what was the point? And oh God. I cannot even talk about Nell without punching someone in the face.

Overall, this wasn’t a good Kate Perry book. I’ve read a couple of her books before and have enjoyed them. This one was just…too unlikeable.

My rating: 2 out of 5 Stars