Rapture [The Fallen Angels, #4] by J.R. Ward

Solid PNR, distinctively Ward

Rapture [The Fallen Angels, #4]
by J.R. Ward
NAL | Hardcover, 502 pages
Back from hell, ex-XOPs Matthias woke up naked cuddling Jim Heron’s grave. Memory’s a little clouded but he’s got one clear destination in mind: Caldwell, New York. Trekking through the dark streets of where ever-the-freck ville, he comes face to bumper with Mels Carmichael’s decrepit Honda. From then on, their lives get tangled and right in the pathway of the ultimate good vs. evil battle. 

Matthias knew it was bad news to keep bothering the pretty reporter especially since he feels all kinds of tingly whenever he sees her. And Mels was also aware of how bad it was to start something with a homeless, suffering from amnesia, seemingly dangerous man but she can’t seem to say no and couldn’t stop herself from seeing him no matter how hard she tries. There’s something about the scarred, broken man that appeals to her on some deep level regardless of the alarm bells that keeps ringing in her head.

In the midst of it all, the battle between Jim Heron and Devina is about to come to a head as both try to win a long-fought war. With the score about to even out, Jim and Devina will up the ante to get what they’ve been wanting all along: Jim, to save Sissy from hell and Devina to get Jim for herself – oh and universe domination. Regardless of who will stand victor when the dust settles, Matthias stands in the middle of this old as time tug-of-war. 

J.R. Ward can do no wrong in my eye. She keeps astounding me with her story lines and perfectly drawn broken characters. I’ve been meaning to read this book for awhile but have stalled when the last one didn’t really hit the spot. I was really interested in how Matthias’ story would play out, knowing his abruptly ended in book 2. And Ward didn’t disappoint. The book was everything I’ve come to love about her writing:  

Replete with action and spine-tingling suspense, this book may or may not satisfy some of the true JR Ward fans out there. One thing I’d like to say is that her male characters’ voices are starting to sound the alike – that had I not been a fan, I’d probably start to pass on these books. But I love all her men, so I couldn’t care less. BDB it’s not, but her Fallen Angels series is just the thing that her fans need to pass the time while waiting for the next BDB book.
My rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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