Dear Eve Silver

Have you ever emailed an author because their book was so awesome you just couldn’t contain yourself?  Like, if you don’t put your feelings down on a piece of paper tout suite your head will explode? And the rush of words that’s coming out of your head wasn’t making any sense at all but you don’t really care because you’re so overwhelmed?

I literally devoured Rush by Eve Silver in one sitting. I slept late and was pretty much useless at the office the next day. Head was filled with scenes from the book – it’s like when you played Bejeweled for a long period of time that when you close your eyes you see those jewels imprinted on the back of your eyelids. 
Not only that, my husband was pretty pissed because he didn’t sleep very well either. I had the bedside lamp on the whole time. So his sleep was pretty shallow. And when I closed the book, and after I held it lovingly to my chest, I flipped and flopped on our bed because I just. Couldn’t. Stop.

As of this writing (it’s 8:30 pm on a Tuesday night), he’s snoring away on our bed catching up on some zees. Me, on the other hand, is thinking about re-reading the book again. 
I can’t stop thinking about this book. It’s not even because it was a life-changing book. It’s not even the most overwrought with emotions type of read. It’s a book about gaming, for pete’s sake. And yet here I am, ready to wax poetic and declare Rush as one of the best books – if not the best,  I’ve read this year. That’s saying a lot. I’ve been reading Adult fiction lately and before this, I thought The Rosie Project by Graeme Simsion or Crazy Rich Asians by Kevin Kwan are the bees’ knees. They still are, mind you. But I haven’t really read any YA that’s blown me away this year so this novel by Ms. Silver was a little unexpected. I’m floored, awed, and a little bit in love. 
I haven’t written a review yet but I sure didn’t waste any time emailing Ms. Silver. I embarrassed myself and maybe even scared her a little. I blamed her for my sleepless night. I blamed her for nudging my literary world a bit off-kilter. I don’t think it’s going to be right again until I read what happens next. But see? The book just came out – which means, I have to wait an entire year before my world is tilted right again. 

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