Close Encounters

My bags are packed

ready to rock and roll
say goodbye
to a city – 
once unchartered
but never droll.
Let’s take a last 
look see, 
make sure we don’t forget
pick up our trash
leave a few dollars
for housekeeping is not free.

We locked the door
dragged the bags on their wheels
tracks on the carpet
bumping our heels. 
We get down to the lobby
we call for a taxi
as we wait inside
stave off the humidity.
I looked to my right
and there I see, 
the reason for our trip
the reason to be

So yeah. Caleb Followill, the lead vocals for the band I stalk when I can, stayed at the same hotel my husband and I stayed at when we went to see Rock for Oklahoma back in July. I mean, I literally froze when I saw him. It was like, I didn’t know what to do with myself. I think I peed in my pants a little. And no, I didn’t get an autograph because I’m a coward. I was scared he would snub me. And I didn’t want to lose my respect for him. So I just kinda unsurreptitiously took pictures of him while be has having his breakfast with a friend. His wife was also there, Lily Aldridge – a Victoria Secret model who’s every bit as beautiful but surprisingly not quite tall.  

This is not the first time we’ve encountered celebrities on our trips. There was one time when we went to Arizona for a concert – ironically enough, a Kings of Leon concert. And there, sitting on a bench just outside the airport was…

Larry Fitzgerald, wide receiver for Arizona Cardinals. 
Again, I couldn’t bear to bother the guy. Husband wanted to get his picture taken with him but the headphones kinda gave him the ‘back the fuck off and leave me alone’ vibe. So yeah, I just  casually snapped his picture. 
I’m hoping that the next time we see another celebrity, I’ll grow a pair and actually approach them. 
So my question to you is this: Who was the last celebrity you’ve seen in person?

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