BLOGversation: This is Where I Blog. What About You?

BLOGversation is a regular post from the queen of photoblog herself, FATMUMSLIM. If you’re not familiar with her, she’s the creator of photo-a-day feature that we see everyone use nowadays. Her photo-a-days are wildly popular. I discovered her blog last year but have only participated in it once (May 2012). She blogs so freely about anything and everything. I have learned a lot about blogging from her – most importantly about being honest and true to yourself and your readers.

Today, she’s shared where she does most of her blogging and thought I’d go ahead and show you where I do mine. As shown on the picture above, the blogging process begins in a tucked-away little corner of our bedroom. The desk is hardly ergonomic, as it’s not supposed to be used as a desk. It’s a sofa table that we got on sale because it was a floor model. I also bought the leather chair for cheap which was supposed to be a part of a dining table set. I have written book reviews, trolled blogs, and be a social network butterfly on that very desk. Though some of my book reviews start on my moleskin book, the rest of the process gets done on my iMac.

Please excuse the mess and the glaring open space behind my Mac monitor. I’ve been meaning to put another picture up there but have yet to find the right one. I also have pictures of my kids including a caricature of my oldest. The lamp, if you asked me, is pretty useless as it barely gives off any light. Among the mess is also a bowl that houses the clutter of things that I collect: bookmarks, concert tickets and hotel room key cards.

So that’s where I drain my creative juices. What about you? What does your desk look like?