Hoarders Episode 79: The Tiffany Haul


I hope you are having a great week so far. This week’s book haul marks the first Hoarders of the blog’s second year. As always, this semi-regular feature on the blog is inspired by The Story Siren’s In My Mailbox.

This week’s haul is what I would call, a Tiffany haul. I had a lovely present in the mail from her weeks ago. If you don’t know her, she blogs on Escaping One Book at a Time. She’s a sweet, sweet girl who understands every facet of my obsession with books. Anyway, she got me a signed Eternity Cure by Julie Kagawa, some signed swag and bookmarks and a gift card from Indigo. I don’t know what I’d done to deserve all her lovely gifts but I sure took advantage of that gift card, I tell ya! She’s so sweet. Thanks, Tiff. I’m so fortunate to get to know you through Twitter and our blogs.

Like I mentioned earlier, the gift card hardly burned a hole in my pocket. I went to the bookstore the next day and make quick work of emptying that card. So, here’s my loot:
Hidden by Marianne Curley
Yikes. This book hasn’t been getting a favourable reception so far. I’m saving my judgement until I read it. 
The Big Sleep by Raymond Chandler
The Long Goodbye by Raymond Chandler
Some classic reads added to my shelves. This guy has been writing mysteries for long while now and I’ve just recently discovered his books because of these. I picked them up because I’m a superficial person who gets attracted to the lovely covers. I simply couldn’t resist the classic Hollywood beauties on their covers. 
I also picked up Intuition by C.J. Omololu, which apparently is the second book to a series. Sigh. Now, I have to get Transcendence before I can start on Intuition. 
The Humans by Matt Haig is a book that I’ve been interested in reading ever since I caught wind of it. It’s about an alien’s perspective of how odd our species are. It’s bound to be a hilarious read and it’s been getting quite a lovely reception so far. I’m dying to read this. 
So those were the books I’ve hoarded courtesy of Tiffany. She’s one of the nicest, sweetest blogger and friend that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. If you’ve ever heard the expression that you need to surround yourself with positive people before you can lead a positive life, I think having Tiffany as a friend is a true testament to that. 

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