Beautiful Stranger by Christina Lauren

Sinful, delectable, addictive.

Beautiful Stranger
by Christina Lauren
Gallery | Paperback, 341 pages
I will not admit to reading Beautiful Bastard; I will, however, admit to reading The Office. Let’s not even get into the whole fanfic thing because it’s been discussed and argued many times over. Beautiful Stranger is a by product of BB. And I will be honest and admit that this is 99.99% better than its predecessor. Max Stella didn’t collect ripped unmentionables nor did they resort to angry sex for the entirety of the novel. In fact, if there was anything missing from this book, it was just that: the conflict was pretty loose and somewhat lacking.

But hey, these books are meant to be guiltily enjoyed without the usual trappings of what many would consider a novel, Literature. And preferrably, in the comfort and privacy of your own bedroom. Admittedly, I found myself reading this book anywhere: parked car, conference room at work..etc. It was hard to put down and even harder to ignore. Max Stella kept popping up in my head at inconvenient times. I even made up an impromptu “appointment” just so I could get away for an hour or two. I skipped my part-time job because of this delicious man. Anyway, the point is, Max Stella snuck up on me. I didn’t think I was going to enjoy this book as much as I have.

Sara Dillon fled Chicago and a cheating ex. In New York, she sets out to find herself without the shadow of a scandalous relationship and the family legacy. On a night when she decided to let go and let live, she meets Max Stella, play boy extraordinaire, venture capitalist and a British to boot (damn). In Max, she learned that she’s an exhibitionist. She likes getting her picture taken while in the throes of passion and most of all, she likes the no strings attached thing she’s got going on with him. That is, until the inevitable happened: the anonymity and the sex became addictive. Soon, they were breaking their own made up rules and one day a week was just not enough.

I’m glad that the writing duo toned down the aggressive sex. I’m all for angry sex but only in moderation. Too much exhausts me. I also like that there’s more substance to these characters, because in this book, they actually interacted and held dialogues, or talked (ingenious, right?). Max is made up of a combination of sex god material and romantic inclinations. He can pin point Sara’s idiosyncracies and nuissances with scary precision. Sara Dillon held her end of the bargain but not enough to make her a remarkable character. Max Stella eclipsed everybody else.

Overall, a surprising bundle of enjoyable, steamy read.

My rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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