Fifteenth Summer by Michelle Dalton

A sweet, one-sitting read that would make you wish of summers that last forever 

Fifteenth Summer 
By Michelle Dalton
Simon Pulse | 249 pages
There’s no lovelier way to read this book than having the rays of the sun warm your skin and a light breeze to cool it off almost simultaneously. Sometimes, the outside elements can help improve your level of enjoyment with certain books. Such is the case for Michelle Dalton’s Fifteenth Summer. 
If I could describe this book in one word, I’d chose uncomplicated. The writing, the characters, the relationships, the story line – all added up to this fun and sweet novel set along the shores of Lake Michigan. I think that Michelle Dalton has written a novel especially made for summer reads: light, fluffy and sweet. After all, who wants to be crying their eyes out while enjoying the nice weather outside? I most certainly do not.
I’m helplessly in love with well-read, book nerd characters. They speak my language and I get them easily. Chelsey and Josh are those characters. Josh scored brownie points for working at a quirky bookstore; while Chelsey scored big by simply mentioning Peeta Mellark. They can also make fun of books as only bookworms could do. 
There wasn’t much drama going on here even if the author tried to add a sprinkle of it. Basically, set yourself up with a nice beach lounger out in your yard and be prepared to get curious looks from the neighbours because of that stupid grin that you will be sporting for the next hour or two that you would be reading this book. And yes, unfortunately, summer romances doesn’t end with the characters continuing on their romance when school starts. But pay no mind, Dalton ended this book in a lovely way. Over all, Fifteenth Summer is a wonderful addition to your summer reading list.
My rating: 3 out of 5 Stars