The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey

Expertly woven, perfectly twisted plot makes this Sci-Fi/Fantasy one of the best

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey
Putnam Juvenile | Hardcover, 480 pages
This book has been the subject of many gushing reviews onĀ Goodreads. I was a little intimidated by it just because I saw myself as another outsider among the legions of fans that were tripping all over themselves. The Sci-Fi thing and the alien invasion thing aren’t really my cup of tea. So that only added to my trepidation to read it. But by the end of chapter two, I’m sunk.

The invasion happened like a masterful thief in the night. Humans didn’t know, wouldn’t have known until they actually made their presence known by unleashing the most brilliantly executed form of invasion. It came in five waves: First – an E.M.P blast strong enough to take out all forms of communications, power and every technological apparatus known to man. Cell phones, electricity, planes, and automobiles instantly died. Second – the big one. An earthquake that took out most of the coastal cities all over the world, therefore drowning almost half of the population. Third – pestilence. An airborne Ebola virus that pretty much guaranteed whoever survived the earthquake wouldn’t survive the epidemic. Fourth – the Silencer. Aliens trained to take out every human they see by putting a bullet to their heads. So the “cleansing” was almost complete until the fifth wave, which was brilliant in such a way that it was a form of psychological warfare. But you’ll have to read the book for you to find out.

It was a strategic plan that the aliens had used against humans because they knew how we think and they were always one step ahead. Rick Yancey made it even more credible via his characters. It was enough to make you think that everything you’ve read was entirely possible. And man,Yancey knew plot twists like he invented the concept. It took me a couple of tries before I wrapped my head around it but by the time I figured it out, I was entranced and completely in awe. It was like an M. Night Shyamaylan movie playing out right before your eyes. And love him or hate him, the guy would be the man for the job to bring this book to life. Sorry (not sorry).

The fact that the aliens aren’t your garden variety cone heads with dark onyx eyes only added to the suspenseful element of the book. The author would have you on tenterhooks along with the characters who were anxiously waiting for the fifth wave of the attack.

Cassie was an incredible force of a character. Her stream of consciousness vacillated between fear, anger and determination beyond any of us could ever muster. If you can even believe it, there is a romance in here that will hit you like a speeding freight train. And it’s so sweet and so impossible but lovely in all the ways I love my romances in a book.

After reading this book, I have concluded that sometimes, the hype machine actually knows what it’s talking about.

My rating: 5 out of 5 Stars

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