Saturday Snapshot [2]: #BookNerdProblems

About a week or so ago, I posted a series of pictures on Instagram depicting some of the idiosyncracies of people like me – someone who is completely obsessed with books and hashtagged it with BOOKNERDPROBLEMS. So today, I thought I’d add some more to what I’ve already posted.

I can never find a bookmark when I need it. I end up using random things within my reach (cell phone, hairbrush, plastic spoon, remote control…etc…my boy’s hand).
I always have multiple books on the go. I find myself switching from one story to another. It gets confusing sometimes but I like taking breaks in between novels. 
When I’m packing for a trip, I worry constantly that I might not have enough books to read. This one was an Easter weekend trip to the cottage. 
I flick the pages of a book to get a whiff of that freshly printed smell. Weird, I know. 
When I fall in love with a writer, I REALLY fall in love. I buy every single one of their work and sometimes, in multiple copies.
I may be running a fever of 100 degrees or hacking up a lung but I am never too sick to read. Excuse the enormous black lump sitting with a book in her hand. I was layered in fleece trying to sweat out my fever. 
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