Saturday Snapshot [2]: #BookNerdProblems

About a week or so ago, I posted a series of pictures on Instagram depicting some of the idiosyncracies of people like me – someone who is completely obsessed with books and hashtagged it with BOOKNERDPROBLEMS. So today, I thought I’d add some more to what I’ve already posted.

I can never find a bookmark when I need it. I end up using random things within my reach (cell phone, hairbrush, plastic spoon, remote control…etc…my boy’s hand).
I always have multiple books on the go. I find myself switching from one story to another. It gets confusing sometimes but I like taking breaks in between novels. 
When I’m packing for a trip, I worry constantly that I might not have enough books to read. This one was an Easter weekend trip to the cottage. 
I flick the pages of a book to get a whiff of that freshly printed smell. Weird, I know. 
When I fall in love with a writer, I REALLY fall in love. I buy every single one of their work and sometimes, in multiple copies.
I may be running a fever of 100 degrees or hacking up a lung but I am never too sick to read. Excuse the enormous black lump sitting with a book in her hand. I was layered in fleece trying to sweat out my fever. 
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  • What fun. Sorry you were sick but I'm with you that I have to be sleeping not to read. :-0 Love the boy friend's hand as a book mark! HA!

  • Sigh, me love love love. <3 Thank you so much for sharing, Joy 😀 I love all this that you share. Sigh. I'm not sure I could ever start and book and not finish it, at least not unless I really hated it, hih 🙂 Sigh, Melina Marchetta. <3 Love.

  • Hahahaha!! I have the same bookmark problem! I have like, a million bookmarks all over my house and never find one when I need it! Love your pics!!

  • Wow — you read quite a bit MORE than I do [I am a slow reader, but fairly constant] — and, just so you don't have to think you are the only strange person out there, I also love the smell of printed pages. Also — when I find a writer I really connect with, like Jose Saramago or Tim O'Brien or Ian McEwan or Margaret Atwood or Emma Donoghue or Sarah Waters or Jonathan Franzen or John Irving or Thomas Hardy [you get the idea] — I go mental trying to read everything they have written.
    Cheers! Get well soon!

  • This is great, as a fellow book nerd I totally understand and appreciate this! I put bookmarks in a bookish coffee mug. I too can read even when I am sick, hope you are feeling better!

  • I always decide on my trip reading before almost anything else. And always worry that I won't have enough too, although I always take too much. Hope you're feeling better.

  • As a fellow book lover, I totally understand your pictures!!

    My SS

  • I could have a million pictures of books! They are after all the best kind 😉

    Here are my pics for the week

    I also have my book review site Paramour Books

  • Haha don't worry, I need a wiff of books too. I rarely buy physical copies anymore, so when friends and family get new books they automatically hand it to me to smell. lol. It's sad that they know to do this. And damn, woman, your nightstand is going to buckle from all those books.

  • Haha, very funny! I always pack more books than I need for travel too–just in case!

  • Love this! Half the fun of new books is the smell. I always overpack books the way most people overpack clothes. I try to limit myself to two or three books at a time otherwise I'll end up forgetting where I left off.

  • Lol, Joy! Did the “sweating it out” work? I have a million book marks, too and then I can't find any when I need one! I end up using napkins, old receipts, pens, or sometimes eye glasses! I love all your copies of MMs books! I too have a few. I want another copy of The Piper's Son because I ordered mine through a seller on Amazon (it wasn't available through them yet) and I got an old ARC copy. I want a brand new finished, maybe hardcover. Then I will do a re-read! Love your pictures, Joy! Maybe someday I'll post a couple of mine. 🙂

  • Fun post and the best addiction ever. Here's Mine

  • I am the same way with bookmarks. I have a crapton of them on my bookshelf but I never want to get up and go get one. So I use whatever I can find. Ridiculous. Reading makes me lazy.

    I am sorry you are sick. But that is an adorable picture, and I also love that new book smell. Yesterday I was sniffing an ARC I got from Candlewick. 😀

  • I recognize the book in the last photo too – a good one! I like to read a bunch of books at once. The main drawback is if I get into a different reading mood and then don't finish them. I have so many partly-read books around the house!

  • I love it all! Lots of copies of Jellicoe Road I see. 🙂 I hope you feel better soon!

  • Ha-ha….love the “book nerd” things you've shared. Your nightstand stack is impressive…and your bowl of bookmarks made me smile. I keep bookmarks in various mugs that I have around the house: coffee table, desk, nightstand.

    I also want everything my favorite authors have written, too.

    Thanks for visiting my blog…and yes, I do remember pen pals!!

  • You are a booksellers and publishers godsend! Keep up the good work 🙂

  • Classics signs of a woman addicted to books…LOL Loved the photos