Spring Fling Giveaway Hop

Fresh flowers in bloom
Little girls in pastel dresses
well groomed.
Birds singing
on their perch
 proclaiming an interlude;
a reprieve from the cold
a summer to behold!
Too bad for tonight it snowed
with more freezing temps to follow
Oh Spring, where have you gone?
My fair city you’ve shun!
I kid you not. It snowed. Sigh. Anyway, how about a giveaway? 
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Happy Hopping!

  • The weather here the past few days has been chilly and wet!The next few days look a little better, but the rain is coming back in this weekend. Ugh!

  • It's sunny, and just a bit cool in the mornings. Almost perfect weather!

  • It has been very rainy and chilly, but it looks like we may have a little more heat and some sun in the next couple of days. Before MORE rain hits. UGH! I want sunshine!

  • Cold. and I'm sick of it.

  • It´s windy and it is currently 78°F.
    thanks for the giveaway!

  • 76 and sunny, but we have rain in the forecast for the next three days.

  • Cool and rainy today

  • The weather his hot where I live! I wish it was winter T_T haha! <3

  • rainy and chilly

  • Gorgeous for the moment, but it's supposed to get hotter soon.

  • im in kentucky and its been raining now for 4 days


  • It's a bit chilly with wind.

  • It's very hot and sunny.

  • I'm in NY and it's been 75 and sunny!


  • Gorgeous lately, mid 60's and sunny.

  • Its in the 70's and we are supposed to have rain for the next 4 days

  • It is 69 and going to rain it looks like,

  • Rainy cool day here. Lovely!spcale at yahoo dot com

  • Sunny and breeze, about 68 degrees.

  • Really nice and sunny. This never happens, so we're enjoying it as much as we can.

  • Today it's cloudy and a little drizzly, which is fine because it was in the 80's before that and it was getting too hot!

  • Bah. It was warming up and getting real nice then it went cablooy…it has been cold and raining for days now! I want summer!!!

  • It has been raining all day, just looked out and it has stopped and the sun is shining. Calling for more thunderstorms this evening.

  • warming up, it definitely feels like spring

    alterna7 at hotmail dot com

  • its nice and in the 80's julie hawkins

  • HOT!!! 99 degrees im in northern california so thats a bit on the high side but not uncommon

  • Today it is finally 74 degrees. yay

    fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski

  • The weather here is really, really hot. It's like summer, not spring.

  • Beautiful, the summer is very close!

  • really sunny here today

  • kat

    Very nice.. about 70 , sun shining and breezy…tomorrow….rain and chilly.

  • Rainy and icky 🙁

  • Today it's in the low 50's and cloudy.
    Tara Woods

  • We are going up and down- heat one day, air the next. Today is about 55 and nice.

  • Party cloudy and perfect!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  • Upper 80s today– nice!

  • It is beautifully sunny and in the high 60's on this glorious Monday in upstate New York.

  • Moist and hot: tropical 🙂

  • I'm on vacation in Tucson, so it's in the 80's. It's still in the 50's at home.

  • Today it is raining cats and dogs.

  • Spring finally decided to bless us with her presence. We've been in the 70's with sun for a week!

  • Sunny and 70 today!

  • a little chilly and cloudy. it's supposed to warm up some later but i am wishing that winter would just disappear…

  • It's been rainy and little bit cool for a few days now and is suppose to continue for a few more days. Thank you!
    crystalfaulkner2000 at yahoo dot com

  • Rainy chilly and supposed to stay that way for the next few days myamurphy@mail.com

  • According to my phone it is currently 62 degrees with clear skies. Later on today it should be 86 degrees & sunny.

  • after 4 snow storms in 4 weeks, we had nice weather today
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  • Sunny :))

  • Thanks so much for this international giveaway :-).. It's sunny here in United Arab Emirates. It's 30 degrees.

  • This week it's been cloudy and I think it's going to rain soon! Thanks for the giveaway!

  • It's in the 60s.

  • It's been sunny in the 70's all week.

  • Beautiful! 70 and sunny today!

  • Kat

    it's dark out.. but it was warm and sunny earlier today – yay spring!

  • It is super warm, hot and sunny.
    Thank you so much! 🙂

    rafflecopter name: Joss A.

  • Crazy!!! At first we got real hot but then it rained and we had normal springtime weather for awhile, highs in the mid 70's. Then we got rain and I woke up yesterday morning to 40 degree temperatures. By the end of the week we are supposed to be back in the 80's. Alabama is all over the place right now.

  • 50's and overcast here in my area

  • 80, windy & overcast

  • The weather is getting better every day
    annabella @ centurytel dot net

  • Warm, around 85 degrees.

  • It's a bit cool and rainy! I'm shocked. Usually it'll be hot this time of year.
    Thanks for the great giveaway, Joy!

  • It is rainy….it has been for the last two days!

  • It's a beautiful warm day in Dallas.

  • It is finally sunny and warm! The snow is gone!!

  • It's a little chilly and breezy. Good kite flying weather the kids had a ball. wilcarvic

  • It's cold and windy over here!

  • Rain, rain, and more rain here. (Roxann)

  • Rainy, gray, cool, meh.

  • Today it's a bit cool…only 64 out. Two days ago it was 90+. Can't make up it's mind yet if it's spring or summer.

  • Today it is cold and rainy. Thank you


  • it has been a little chilly lately but today was around 70 and gorgeous

  • Today, it's beautiful! A sunny 65 degrees. 🙂

  • Hot hot hot…Texas early summer.

  • It's rainy and cold.

  • Today it's cool and rainy.

  • It's very hot

  • It is cool today!


  • Today should get near 70!
    Great weather for WI!

  • getting warmer
    flyergal82 AT (yahoo) /dot/ com$

  • Blessedly sunny, for once, and I have no complaints!

  • Jo

    Getting to be a bit spring-y, but still kind of windy and cold.

  • Rainy with temps in the upper 50's here in Kentucky.

  • A very chilly, cloudy day in Monroe, NC,I just cut the heat back on!

  • It is pouring rain!

  • first it snowed. Then it rained. Now it is cloudy.

  • warm and rainy

  • It's pouring rain all day today!

    kimberlybreid at hotmail dot com

  • The weather is great here… not too hot and not too cold.

  • It's been a lovely spring, but today was hot!!! 🙂 Bring back the rain 🙂

  • What's the weather like where you are? 🙂

    crazy in the winter,nice in the spring,and hotter than $$$$$ in the summer!

  • It was 47 degrees today.

    rhoneygtn at yahoo dot com

  • Has been rainy all week! But the sun is supposed to come out tomorrow! Can't wait to go swimming!

  • Cold here still, but the sun was shining today!!!!

    tammy dalley on rafflecopter

  • It was about 65 and partly cloudy today. . not bad.
    tderning AT gmail DOT com

  • It is still very cold here..I wish for warm hot nice sunny weather!!! 🙂

    (Karla Sceviour)

  • It's raining today–hopefully will melt all the 6 inches of snow we got the last couple of days.

  • I live in Baltimore, Md and the weather is breezy but nice.

  • It's sunny in Indonesia. It's 9 am in the morning. 🙂
    Thank you so much for the offer.

  • Crazy pretty much sums it up. Hot in the day and tiny bit of cold breeze at night. And no, I don't live in the desert. 😛

  • Going to be cold tonight. Dropping into the 40's

  • It's too hot here! Almost summer… we seem to have skipped over spring completely. 🙁

  • It's cold and rainy here.

  • Here it's all over the place, hot then cold, dry then wet. I just want consitancy

  • cold and rainy


  • I live in Southern California and it is SO HOT!! I don't even want to go outside!! I love the early spring and autumn and winter's here but not the summer heat. Thank you so much for your generous giveaway prize!! Thank you so much for a chance to win and for being a part of this fun and awesome blog hop!!

  • It's been raining here a lot lately, but that means there's less pollen.

  • It is 50 degrees and Sunny. Feels like winter instead of Spring!!!
    brandy graham (name on rafflecopter)

  • Rainy 🙁

  • Quite sunny and pleasant.

    dwarzel at hotmail.com

  • Right now, it's sunny with some clouds and about 80 degrees.

  • In the 80's and windy (bad for fire danger)
    sksweeps (at) earthlink (dot) net

  • Right now it's cold and windy.

  • Rain and more rain

  • Nice, actually. High 60's.

  • its finally warm! after months of snowy weather, its in the 70s!
    caseyeve_003 at yahoo dot com

  • it is sunny today

    misterjim74 at gmail dot com

  • oh, it is so beautiful today. 80 and sunny…i wish I didn't have to work

  • Rainy here. Bummed, because I wanted to get out and do stuff this weekend.


  • It's cold..in the 50's and I live in the south!! crazy.

  • It's beautiful today. In the 70's and sunny.
    Thanks so much.

  • beautiful and in the 70's here.

  • It's rainy and chilly here this morning.

  • It's crazy hot here (India) right now! Forget about tanning, the skin starts burning the moment you step out! I hate summers here. Can't wait for the rainy season which will start about approximately in June's second week or so!

  • The weather has been great the last few days. It's in the mid 70's to 80's. I love it!!

  • In Ohio it can change drastically from day to day. It is currently sunny and warm. Tomorrow it could be freezing and raining. You never know.

  • Today it is seasonable, in the high 60s.

  • It has been raining for four days straight.

  • The weather here has been perfect all week. It's about time!

  • washington state finally getting warmth and sunshine!!

  • I live in Hawaii so it's always 80-ish

  • Tonight it's been a bit cool and raining. Although early it was nice and sunny and in the 80's.
    Thanks for the giveaway! =)

  • It's slowly starting to look like Spring

  • its warm in florida and the palms are blowing in the breeze

  • It's in the 30's now which is cold for Kansas in May.

  • Warmish, right now its cooling down.

  • It's way too warm here!

    skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

  • It's FINALLY getting warmer here… high 60's. New England weather is always changing! 🙂

  • Warm and sunny

  • we have 4 seasons here, almost winter, winter, still winter and road construction. im not sure which is the worst.

  • Howdy Miss Joy…

    Sunny Southern California ….ready to hit those waves

  • It's getting warmer every day, but it's a crazy weather with intense fog every morning, not supposed to happen around this time of the year. 🙂

  • So hot and sunny! I was sweating so much today!
    Lacey T

  • It has been sunny and in the 70's here in NY

    abfantom at yahoo dot com

  • the weather is ridiculous here! we had 80+ degree weather monday and tuesday and yesterday and today in the 30's!!! i am in eastern kansas so this is not normal weather for may!

    rafflecopter name nicole krutz

  • It's just right! It's warm and sunny without being hot.

  • is pretty chilly for May, used to it being hot by now, carawling(at)hotmail(Dot)com

  • It is warm and sunny.
    Rebekah Gyger

  • it has been between 65-70's during the day and around 45's at night.. today though its sunny but its a little cooler out!! thanks for the giveaway!!

  • Gorgeous! 72 and sunny! Finally! It was a LONG Winter!

    Kerri, kerbear560 at yahoo dot com

  • Rainy!

  • Too sunny and hot. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  • I am in Oklahoma it is in 40″s today, sure does not feel like spring, but at least the sun is out and it is not raining today.

  • here now was rainy and cold 🙂

  • here in Chile its very cold because yesterday was a rainy day, with thunders and all
    thanks! for making this international

  • It's normal New England Spring weather, it's a little warm, but the wind is making it feel colder than it is.

  • It a little rainy and damp!

  • It's very sunny, but kind of cool. Thank you!

  • Also snowed in WI 🙁 Can't wait for more warmth!!

  • Well…it WAS nice last week, great for capris and flip flops, but now this week we have snow, sleet and rain.Will this ever end?

  • Sunny and warm. 🙂

  • Sunny and very hot 🙂

  • Warm and Hot,hopefully it stays that way!

  • Too hot for spring! In the mid 90's in CA!

    -Jen Haile

  • The weather is hot and humid one week, and cool and rainy the next.

  • well, the philippines is on fire with 38C! -_-

  • Here in Long Island NY, Spring is kicking in and the it's warming up nicely.

  • Still cold! 🙁 Boo!

  • It's sunny, surprisingly (I live in Seattle.) Temp went to about 65 today and is expected to be in the 70s/80s over the weekend.

  • Cloudy, but not too bad

  • Raining!

  • 30°c! and a lot of rain!

  • Warm and humid

  • MOnday and Tuesday it was in the 80's, today we're getting snow!

  • Rainy and 50…after nearly a week of 80-90 degree weather. oh Texas, how I despise thee.

  • Hot, it's going to be a hot summer.

  • err, rainy?

  • Besides being Autumm, is really hot in the middle of Brazil right now (35ºC).

  • Last week was bitterly cold, but today has been gorgeous…such bipolar weather

  • Right now it's cloudy in the 60s and windy. (=

  • Sunny!

  • Beautiful! Finally… It was snowing here a couple weeks ago.

  • Here in the Hoosier state it's 80 right now. 🙂 Tomorrow rain, though.

  • Here in the Heart of Carolina, it's warm but mostly cloudy. Could use some more rain.

  • Gah! It's summer here in the Philippines so it's sweltering hot! 🙂

  • Suz

    Sunny and upper 60's! Thanks for this amazing giveaway – I would love to win!

    Suz Reads

  • It's different everyday lately, but today it's sunny and breezy.

  • It's okay. Today it's in the 70's and partially cloudy, but 0% chance of rain:)

  • Ash


  • It's a very hot summer, so I'm looking forward to hitting the beach in 3 weeks' time!

  • RIN

    Weather. Good question. That one seems to change a lot. It was pretty nice this last weekend (about 70! wow!), but now it's cloudy and below 30 again 🙁


  • I live in Colorado. So it was in the 80s two days ago. Now there's 5 inchs of snow.

  • The weather is perfect. High 70s to low 80s.

  • Today, it is sunny and warm

  • The weather here in Brighton, England, is beautiful. It's so lovely and sunny.. a little chilly though.

  • We're in the middle of summer so it's quite hot every day.

    -Riz B.

  • Scorching hot!

  • irritatingly hot. 😐

  • Sunny, clear blue sky with a little cloud scattered. It's a lovely day ;p

  • It's actually surprisingly nice and sunny today 🙂 But every other day it's been cold and gloomy here in Australia.

  • It's super hot.. 🙂

  • Very hot and super humid!

  • It's pretty cold here. And really windy

  • Ridiculously hot and muggy D:

  • Ninety degrees and sunny.
    MCantu1019 at aol dot com


  • Warm-ish, but it's been so rainy and cloudy for several days. If the sun doesn't come out soon, I'm going to lose it! 🙂

  • Sunny and warm, perfect for surfing. Thanks for the giveaway!
    -Cali W.

  • Sunny, but a bit cold. Thank you for the giveaway! 🙂

  • hot and humid. horrid weather here in Malaysia.

  • Yesterday it was in the 80s here in northern California…today it's sunny, but not quite as warm (about 65 or so).


  • I live in the Algarve, Portugal. Normally, we have lovely weather from February onwards but we've had a terrible spring… it's been cold and wet for months on end! Fortunately, the last couple of weeks have been much better and bright… although it's not as warm as it usually is at this time of year 🙂

  • The weather has been beautiful for the past few days. Just gorgeous. Lot of sun. I hope it's been nice where you are too. <3

  • It has been really nice… breezy one day and rain and warmth (:

  • Sending lots of warm weather your way (do I get brownie points for that?). I wanna win!!!

  • In Belgium, weather is sunny today (xe are so lucky for once…). Thanks a lot for the giveaway!

  • It's finally warm!

  • Rainy all day.

  • Today is the very first day that we have had some nice weather here in Michigan – Happy May 1st!

  • IT has been warming up in Kentucky, with today supposed to be reaching 80…great start to May!


  • I'm in South Carolina and it went from winter to summer (a few weeks ago) and is now thinking it's March — lots of clouds, rain, thunderstorms…I love it. 🙂 It's nice and cool here, too, so I'm savoring it while I can!

  • I am in Western Illinois right on the Mississippi and it has been sorta crazy weather wise here. All April we went between warm & cold… 72 one day and then barely 40 the next. Then the rain… oh & a couple days with light snow. The past 3 days though… sunny and between 75 to almost 85. Its been a great change. I hope the weather gets normal where you are.

  • Its super hot here!

  • warm and sunny

  • Christina R. in the rafflecopter

    Very warm and with a breeze:)

    Thank you:)

  • Warm, wet and cloudy

  • At the moment it's up for grabs: nice, then raining & cold. Thanks for a chance to win this wonderful giveaway!

  • thank you a lot for this giveaway. today the weather is sunny but quite cold

  • In my country, we have only 2 seasons, dry and rainy season. I love rain, that's why rainy season always become my favorite.

    Thanks for this giveaway.

  • Well I live in Southern California so it's pretty much always beautiful out! Today we had a nice breeze so it was literally perfect, earlier this week was in the 80s!!

    Thanks for such a generous giveaway!!

  • Thanks for this giveaway. In the morning it was cloudy but now the sun is coming out 🙂 Best weather for a may festival!

  • Thank you for the awesome giveaway Joy. The weather over her is actually decent for once, but I have no clue how long that will last! Also I love your Spring poem too! 🙂

  • It's warm during the day, but it gets chilly.

  • rainy day with thunder 🙁

  • It's freaking hot today. -__- I cannot continue reading. :((

  • is very warm …
    almendra in the rafflecopter

  • Today it was over 80 degrees F, but it's supposed to go back down into the low sixties at the end of the week. Crazy weather. It's all over the place.

    Thanks for the giveaway chance 🙂

  • cold and raining 🙁 thanks for the giveaway!


  • The weather where I am (BC CANADA) is warm, almost tshirt weather , and I saw my first wasp today and the cherry blossoms have all finished and dropped their leaves so that usually means spring is well under way

  • thank you for rearranging that I can see the other entries now GREAT

  • Thank you for the giveaway. I too am in Australia and today is a beautiful day, around 27 degrees Celsius and bright sun with a tiny breeze. Perfect for a picnic or a walk along the river. 🙂

  • I would love to enter your giveaway, but when google plus came along my GFC no longer works for some reason, and they are getting rid of GFC so I havent tried to resign up as I am afraid it will take away my google plus, is there another way to follow that would allow me to enter?
    I have been following on twitter and facebook for some time now , so I follow those ways?

  • Crazy. It's supposed to be Autumn, but if feels like Summer. Aussie weather is nuts. Lol.