Saturday Snapshot [1] – Where I am

Today, as I’m sitting here willing the Saturday afternoon away, I started looking into blogs for interesting memes or posts. I stumbled upon Alyce’s At Home With Books blog and saw her meme called, Saturday Snapshot. I’m not a photographer by a long shot but I do love taking pictures. Lately, a lot of the pictures I’ve taken are book related. The beauty about Alyce’s weekly feature is that you are given the liberty to post any pictures that you want provided that it’s clean and family-oriented.

So every weekend, we spend our Fridays and Saturdays at our cabin. It’s an hour away from the city – quiet, serene and you can count in one hand how many cars would pass by during the two days that we’re there. The place is called Arnes, Manitoba, in an area called Pebbled Beach. 
The drive last night was a little busy. It’s the first legitimate warm weekend we’ll ever have so everyone  seemed to have trekked out of the city to get away. My husband drove. He’s the worst passenger-driver ever so I never drive when he’s in the car. 🙂
We’re somewhere here. I’d rather not say where exactly. 
The sun was about to set when we got here last night. Just enough time for a quick walk. 
And the agenda when we’re here, is veg, relax, read and listen to some music.

Enjoy your weekend!

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