Light [Gone, #6] by Michael Grant

Climactic conclusion that offered no reprieve until the very last page. 

Light [Gone, #6] by Michael Grant
Katherine Tegen Books | Hardcover, 411 pages
I can’t believe it’s truly over. 
I can’t even begin to tell you how much I perversely look forward to the brand of torture Michael have in store for these kids and now…it’s like I don’t know what to do with myself. I feel like this metric ton of weight have been lifted off my chest; it’s like I can finally breathe for the first time in a long time. And yet, I can’t because I know that if I show a semblance of happiness, I’m betraying a friend or something. But knowing that Sam and Astrid and the rest will finally eat, gorge themselves even, shower with soap and shave and wear clothes that aren’t tattered or splattered with blood…there’s just so many reasons to celebrate.  
I keep thinking to myself, how do you even move on from the nightmare that you’ve known was your life to the normalcy of being a kid again? No more monsters, no more hunger, no more fear. If Sam was lying in clean sheets on a soft bed, would the nightmare begin again as soon as he closes his eyes? Would he take it all in strides because he knows he’d wake up from it anyway as opposed to the reality he once knew?  This series ended not in hushed tones or not even in a bang. It was a nuclear explosion of epic…yeah. 
At the end of the book, I was a little stunned and it took me forever to actually sort out how I should feel. Michael Grant’s sick, sick mind will take you on a dark, inconceivable journey of what will happen if kids were left to fend for themselves and kids with superpowers rule the world, not to mention they had to contend with the monster that was the gaiaphage. 
This book was relentless in its pursuit to terrify, shock, and make you wish you never had that last bite of your lunch because your stomach will roil. I was glad that this series ended but at the same time, I’m feeling bereft. Grant’s FAYZ is not for the weak of stomach least of all for someone like me, who continually spends the first night of her vacations away from her kids worrying and thinking about them. 
Let me say this: the conclusion is everything I’d expected and hoped for but not at all how I envisioned it. The deaths, the blood, the gore…it was too much and too little and most of the time, I felt like an epileptic on a constant watch for signs of episodes. 
My rating: 5 out of 5 Stars. 
Simply put, this book – this series, fucking rocks. 

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