Crystal Cove [Friday Harbour, #4] by Lisa Kleypas

Bewitching romance in a magical setting makes for a classic Kleypas instalment.

Crystal Cove [Friday Harbor, #4] by Lisa Kleypas
St. Martin’s Griffin | Paperback, 316 pages
This past weekend, I decided to challenge myself by picking a random shelf and reading the books that are currently on it. Two books in and things are looking hopeful. Then I went to the bookstore and saw this. I started reading it on our way home from the bookstore; I read until one in the morning. The next day, I decided to skip my Sunday shift at my other job because I needed to finish this. It was that engrossing. I loved every single moment of this romantic, mystical novel. 
You should know by now, that while I’m a romantic reader at first, I don’t set out to buy romance books. I like the romance in the paranormal; the romance in a dystopian setting, even the romance in a good mystery novel. But I don’t buy romance because of the romance. Lisa Kleypas, though is an exception to this rule. And while I’m not a fan of her historical work, her Friday Harbour is an auto-buy. The best thing about this series, is that you won’t have to read the rest of them to enjoy the latest. The novels can stand on their own and you won’t have to give yourself an aneurysm trying to remember what had happened in the previous book. 
Anyway, this is Justine’s story; a witch who gave up the chance to become a part of a high magick coven because she wanted a steady, normal life. Not at all like the nomadic one her mother led when she was a child. These days, Justine’s quiet life is becoming a bit lonely. So much so that she decided to cast a spell to find love. Laugh all you want but you can’t know the kind of desperation that would drive a woman to resort to such an act. While consulting her Triodecad, she finds out that someone had put a curse on her. A curse that she may never find true love (I can hear you snickering in the background). Anyway, long story short, she broke the curse but it created a domino effect that could endanger her life and the man who was to end her lonely existence. 
Classic, classic Kleypas. It was sweet, romantic, funny. It had a half-Japanese hero who had all the intense charisma characteristic of all her heroes. He’s got that quiet explosiveness that you can sometimes find in a dominant character. And yet, for all his intensity and need to order everyone around him, he’s so easily overcome by one feisty heroine. 
This was such a fantastic instalment that just made me more anxious to read the next book. Lisa Kleypas can spin tales without being redundant. Each book will make you fall in love with the setting and its characters. If you’re looking to read a true-blue adult romance, you should add these books to your list, kids. 
My rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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