Rush by Maya Banks

Predictable, forgettable romance.

Rush [Breathless, #1] by Maya Banks
Berkeley | Paperback, 396 pages
This is not my first foray into Ms. Banks’ work. She popped my  muliple-partnered-relationships cherry with her Colter’s Legacy series. At the time, I didn’t know what to do with myself because the books featured siblings sharing the same woman. I think I’ve pretty much decided then that I was ready for anything in this genre.
Compared to those books, Rush is just another romance in the melee of novels that feature a billionaire Dominant breaking in an inexperienced, innocent sub. And while there wasn’t any extensive details involving whips, chains and latex, Rush is every bit as predictable and forgettable as the other books that have been sprouting out like mushrooms in the dark coves of the Erotica aisle of your bookstore.

This series stars three billionaires about to find the women who would bring them to their knees (so to speak). Jace and Ash is the duo that shares their women like they share neck ties. This book is the story of Gabe and Jace’s sister, Mia. Long story short, little Mia grew up to be one desirable woman that Gabe wanted to covet. He waited for Mia to reach a little past the age of legal then pursued her like Wil E. Coyote would Road Runner. He drew a contract, stating all the rules and requirements of their relationship like it was a business transaction; and because Mia have always had this obsession with Gabe, she signed her heart and liberty away on the dotted line. Fifty Shades of Grey it is not and I think  this book had that going for it at least. While you’ll hear echoes of that book for sure, I’d like to think that Ms. Banks’ is a trifle better than a copy cat. In retrospect, I haven’t read any Erotica lately that doesn’t suffer the same fate.

But hey, if you’re looking for a quick read and a fast jolly, pick this series up. As much as I want to lie and say I didn’t enjoy this, I can’t. Because the perv in me couldn’t be silenced. This had an almost gang bang and a whole slew of I want your eyes on me while you er, you know. He also makes her walk around the whole day wearing a uhm…plug and not the kind you use for your ears. This man is not nice at all…except when he’s all tortured about corrupting the innocent girl. But then again, aren’t they all at some point of their sinning?

I’m still going to continue on to this series because apparently, I’m interested in menage. Heh.

My rating: 3 out of 5 Stars

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