Confessions of an Addict [16]: Hoarder Extraordinaire.

You walk around your house
and find books in every corner…

novels on every surface

you’re a true-blue hoarder.

You say to yourself,

I really should stop shopping…

and while your wallet isn’t willing,

your brain keeps disagreeing.

It happens to the best of us.

But mostly to the weaker than.

Resistance is futile

and as useless as buying bans.

You might as well admit defeat

join the revolution

Hoarding is a new thing

an epidemic sweeping the nation.

My desk.

My bedside table.

The floor beside my bed with books that have yet to be shelved.

The hallway where I temporarily park my read books to be shelved.

The kitchen.
I’m spring cleaning and hoping to get organized soon. You’re probably asking why I keep buying every week when there is no way I’ll be able to read them. And my answer is…I don’t know. I just have to have them. How does anyone explain their own addictions? A person who’s as weak as I am sees no sense in resisting the call of a bookstore. The problem is, as long as there are books to be read and to be written, I’ll never stop buying. I AM the ultimate consumer. I think the only time that my book buying sprees will ever stop is when I finally, finally run out of money. And even then, you don’t even want to know what I will do to get the books I oh so want. It’s bound to get ugly and embarrassing. 
It also doesn’t help that my husband seems to be oblivious to the fact that our house is in danger of being a real life episode of Hoarders. I think it’s because he likes the fact that when my nose is buried in a book, there’s less nagging and whining going on in the house. Yeah…I’m gonna go with that. 

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