Magic Bites [Kate Daniels, #1] by Ilona Andrews

A fast-paced paranormal novel featuring a heroine of a different breed. 

Magic Bites [Kate Daniels, #1] by Ilona Andrews
Gollanz, Paperback 260 pages
I feel I should apologize for being a late comer into this party. Almost everyone I know have read this and gushed about it while I remained on the fence. I just don’t care much for Urban Fantasy but  after reading just a few pages of this book, I can at least admit that I now see what the big deal was. 
It had action that wouldn’t quit and a heroine who raised the bar in kick-assery, in my opinion. The more telling brilliance that sets this opener from any other UF series I’ve read, is the setting. It was different in such a way that it hinted on a decrepit world where magic, paranormal and technology melded in one thrilling disharmony. There are instances when someone would feel lost due to the barrage of mage jargons but I felt like this added to the over all mystique of the book. The absence of explanations and clear interpretations of its nuisances made me much more ravenous to learn of the world that the author created. 
I don’t easily take a shining to novels that didn’t have romantic elements; so I was pleasantly surprised that I hardly noticed its absence in this book. Though Dr. Crest was a good love interest prospect, I think that Kate was just too…big of a character for someone mild mannered as the good doctor. It just didn’t feel right. I think Derek was dead on in his observation that she needed someone stronger than her – someone who can protect her and not in the way that insinuated she was a wilting violet. Heck, she was downright scary. So it would only make sense that a romance between her and someone aptly known as the Lord Beast would be more appropriate. 
Kate is, in a word, audacious. But she begrudgingly admits to her limitations. What her magic can’t handle, her sword, fittingly named, Slayer could quickly make up for. There are characters here that are sometimes bigger than the roles this book have only glanced upon. And I, for one, can’t wait to read all about them.

The author didn’t pull any punches on the gore: flesh eating, bone breaking, blood letting…you get the picture. Seriously, this book had a buffet of every paranormal characters ever known to the literary world. Interestingly enough, Magic Bites was so much fun to read, regardless of all the gory details. If you’re ever on the look-out for a UF to chomp into, you should try this one on for size.

My rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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