Repeat Offenders

Actually, that’s a bit harsh. All I meant is that the books sited on this post are the ones that have been known to distract me from life. Not a lot of books can truly say, “I will take you away and I’ll make you forget who you are”. It’s a double-edged sword. Because, truth of the matter is, and no matter how great these books are, I simply do not have the luxury of time to reread them. I have way too many on my pile. And yet, I struggle to ignore their beckoning call whenever I see them.

Take Jellicoe Road for instance. On Thursday, while I was packing up my books to take for the weekend, I ended up re-reading the entire thing for the hundredth time. An hour or two later, I was no way close to getting our clothes packed just because I got so caught up in all its emotionally prolific glory. So in a moment of inspired clarity, I thought of the books that I would absolutely, without fail, pick up as soon as they’re in my periphery. Here are the culprits:

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that two out of four books on this list are written by Melina Marchetta. The woman owns me, wholly, completely. There are only a couple of authors that are my absolute go-to when I get stuck on the road of blah-reads. Marchetta’s works are the ones I return to over and over again because she alone is the spark that gets me on my way to reading again.

Jellicoe Road is one that have taken me to an emotional journey that I was not at all prepared for when I did. It was such a daunting, heartrending read. What started out as a story about childhood territory wars grew into a novel wrought with unspeakable horrors of the lives of the children that started the wars. If I were a fan of quoting book passages in my reviews, then I probably would’ve quoted the book in its entirety. Marchetta speaks from her soul and it shows in all her books. I read Jellicoe Road in 2011 and was rendered speechless until I was able to form anything coherent in 2012. That’s how long it took me to process the book in my heart and in my mind.

Here’s another doosie from Marchetta. Truth be told, before I’ve discovered the goddess’ works, I’ve walked past this book a hundred times over from my many bookshop jaunts. The cover screams fantasy and I’m not a big fantasy reader. But once I polished off all of Melina’s realistic fiction novels, I was hungry for more. I decided to pick this up and needless to say, another obsession was born.

Finnikin of the Rock is what I would consider as a non fantasy Fantasy novel. There was a quest but there was none of the usual mythical creatures you would encounter in a book from this genre. What it had was a heartbreaking curse and the heartbreaking plight of the people of the Lumatere Kingdom. I couldn’t put into words how much this book destroyed me. But this series is also known for its propensity to piece you back together. The story telling is quintessential Marchetta, in such a way that each of the characters’ heartache, struggle and joy doesn’t come easy. And that’s the beauty of her writing.

I always complain that I could never find a great paranormal read. I always say I’m tired of reading about vampires because it’s all that’s out there, it seems like. But one thing I could never say is that I’m sick of reading J.R. Ward’s The Black Dagger Brotherhood.

Lover Awakened is number 3 of 11 in this series. It’s the story of Zsadist, a once blood slave to a queen who’d put him through sexual torture that wasn’t in the least bit fun. Because of this, he continued to punish himself by not feeding and would force his twin brother to a game ala Fight Club. And forget about sex. He called his penis, IT. Like it was some sort of an offensive thing he refused to have any part of. He thought of himself as filth not worthy of anything pure. He was aloof, isolated and unreachable in all sense of the word. Then came, Bella.

It’s the romance of the two that gets me so wind up about this book. I can’t get enough of reading each and every interaction between them. The constant push and pull; the torturous looks, longing sighs and the inevitable eventuality of how they came to be. If there ever was a book that had lodge a golf-size lump in my throat while reading it, this, and the first two mentioned in this post were it.

Warrior’s Cross.  By now, some of you would’ve known that I’m a big fan of reading M/M romance. And I get that there’s a distinct stigma that connotes books in this genre are naturally erotica. While that may be true in this book’s case, you might find yourself surprised by how incredibly romantic this book is –  among other things.

This is a story about a waiter at a high end restaurant and a patron who makes sure he comes every Tuesday and sits in his area of service. The mysterious man is rich, says very few words and is utterly intense. The thing about their romance is it’s very sweet regardless of the steam. I find myself re-reading this book because it’s very well-written.

If you haven’t read these books yet, do yourselves a favour and pick them up. They’re absolutely amazing.

What about you? Are there any repeat offenders on your shelves?