Shadow Bound [Wraith, #2] by Angel Lawson

Creepy follow up to a spine tingling series. 

Shadow Bound [Wraith, #2] by Angel Lawson
Self-published, Kindle copy
Jane and Connor are back with a brand new set of problems: a psychotic, disturbed ghost bent on playing the tormentor, the pressures of having a not-so normal relationship, and secrets secrets secrets abound. Oy. That’s a relationship killer, isn’t it? Trust is the name of the game and someone forgot to tell these two what the rules are. A literal ghost from the past will haunt them and their already fragile relationship will be tested. 
Jane also finds out what she truly is and what her abilities entail. I don’t purposely go out of my way to find ghost stories because lately, it hasn’t been my thing. But man, Angel sure run a tight ship. She won’t have you questioning the whys and the hows nor would she have you bored. I also love the unpredictability of this book. There wasn’t a hint as to how a couple of characters were tied to each other. And this why I’m a fan of Angel’s writing. She’s random but not erratic. More so malleable than anything else. This book for example, is far from the norm. It didn’t really conform to all the other ghost stories out there but she did her best to offer her readers something new. 
(Cheesy line in 3…2..)I miss Evan with an ache that I cannot even explain. I didn’t like Connor and Jane’s relationship in this book. It was frustrating and it made me realize how good Evan was with Jane. I am a little nervous that the introduction of a new character will pave the way for another round of frustration based on how things ended.

And speaking of endings, it was cruel; plain and simple. That’s all I can say about that. Rest assured that I will be annoying the author with a never-ending, are you done yet? until the third book gets done. (Update: she claims she will torture us even more in the third book but she’s all about HEA.  I guess that’s a good thing, yeah?)
Lost ghost
angry ghost
looking to find a way.
Lost ghost
angry ghost
revenge, come what may.
They speak to those
who can see,
and show to those
who can hear.
But lost ghost, angry ghost
forever lost and astray.
A girl with a third sight
a boy who seeks the light.
Out of his stupor –
toward something called,
normal life.
All is not meant to be,
pushed by force that can’t be seen.
To do things against his will
forsaking all abilities.
They can’t save the other –
but they can fight their
demons – apart.
And when the dusts finally settle
(I hope)
they’d be together come morning light.

My rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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