Abby Road by Ophelia London

Choppy writing + infuriating characters = a so-so trip, man. 

Abby Road by Ophelia London
Entangled Romance, eBook
Nowadays, I rarely request a book on Net Galley. When I saw that this was available for request about a week or so ago, I was looking for a book that could jump start my then, virtually non-existent reading appetite. And for a moment or two there, it had a fantastic start. But while reading the rest of the book, I was encumbered with choppy writing that didn’t relent till the end. For a book that was this long, the author decided to skip a lot of what I would consider a necessity. I mean, the synopsis hinted on the fact that Abby hid from everyone in the summer and right into the arms of the ex-Marine. I was disappointed when nothing about those days were written. It went from a scene where Abby was deciding whether she was going to stay in Florida or go back to LA to the end of the summer. What’s up with that? The summer that they were supposed to have spent together didn’t exist. Anyway. 
Abby’s brother’s murder had started a downward spiral in her life. For months, she did what she was told and worked herself to the bone all in the name of forgetting and numbing herself from the grief and guilt that overwhelmed her. When she met Todd, she found herself laughing genuinely and feeling a certain calmness that she hasn’t had since the day Christian was killed. Their lives couldn’t have been more different; but Todd was willing to live a life he couldn’t want for himself if only for the chance to be with Abby. Soon, the pressure of being with a celeb and the shallow facade of Abby’s life got to him. Abby could only heal if she’s willing to let go of the guilt. Todd would only stay if Abby would learn to fight her battles. An impasse would be reached until one of them gives. In the end, someone wins and the other loses.  
I do like the storyline. I, however, had problems with the seemingly rushed way the author told the story. As I’ve mentioned previously, this book was long and perhaps that was why she cut a lot of corners. I don’t know. Maybe it’s even intentional but I feel I have to be honest and say, I wasn’t a fan of how the story played out.

For a romance book, it could’ve used a bit more sizzle in the sex department as well. Todd was apparently a gentleman or something like that so the entire summer they spent together was er, platonic. Is that even possible nowadays? Not to mention they actually spent nearly every waking moments together.

Abby was an infuriating character. Pushover. An invertebrate. It’s hard to like her, let alone sympathize with her. Her reasons for doing everything that Max dictated wasn’t really convincing. The guilt she bore was understandable but not enough to justify why she chose to be a doormat.

Todd was, for the most part, the quintessential hero. But for an ex-Marine, you couldn’t tell. There’s an inherent characteristic to an ex-soldier of any type but even more so for men who were Marines. It’s in the way they conduct themselves. And that’s what’s missing with him. That, and he was asexual. He was just as frustrating as Abby, especially in the beginning of their relationship. He kept pulling away from her and his subsequent reactions didn’t make any sense.

I really wish I’d liked this book more but I just had way too many problems with it. I mentioned before that I’m a sucker for soldier boys but I’m sorry to say that Todd missed out.

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars 

  • Thanks, Christy. 🙂 You're slathered in awesomesauce. Tee hee.

  • You might still like it, Beth. I just couldn't get past the weak character.

  • Well, I know exactly what you mean when you describe Abby's character. I love flawed characters, but flawed doesn't mean she has to be a doormat. I can't stand characters like that. I especially don't want to read about them.

    Yeah, I rarely get books from NG anymore. They rarely have anything I like. Edelweiss tends to have a better selection.

    GREAT review, Joy.

  • Joyousreads, I just finished Abby Road, and enjoyed the read. Abby’s emotions were easy to relate to, even though she’s a rock star. We instantly see the chemistry between Abby and Todd, and while they didn’t sleep together immediately, I knew they made out plenty of times. I appreciated that because many times characters seem to jump ahead to that too soon. Todd is plenty hot, and he is a gentleman, which is very refreshing. Abby has her flaws, and is a broken person when we first meet her. She has to face her demons head on and that is something many of us can relate to as we face various challenges throughout our lives. Yes, the characters were infuriating at times, but aren’t all characters that way? It’s what makes us love them more. I thought Abby Road was a fun story to read with characters I felt like I knew and loved. And I thought the cover was just too cute. 🙂

  • Bookittyblog. I really enjoyed Abby Road and the pages flew by for me. I wouldnt skip it! Very witty and brilliant dialogue. Great spring read. The characters were refreshingly honest and not what they “should be”. I identified with them because they were real…they had flaws. I dislike reading books when the characters are too perfect. I kept on finding myself rooting for Abby…I've experienced many beginnings and ends of romantic relationships so it was relatable too me. And of course the love interest, Todd is a hottie! 🙂

    If you like the Beatles and Sinatra you'll find yourself singing along through the book too…music shout outs were a great addition. I highly recommend!

  • I was going to read this one next but maybe I'll skip it.