Mind Games [Mind Games, #1] by Kiersten White

Thrillingly unapologetic. 

Mind Games [Mind Games, #1] by Kiersten White
Harper Teen, Hardcover 237 pages
No one could’ve known how this story was going to end – except maybe for the author. 
My heart was in my throat and there was this voice inside my head, screaming, no no no no. 

The premise of the book: a group of women with psychic powers – powers varying from empaths, mind readers, and one with an incredibly perfect instincts. Orphan siblings Annabelle and Sofia fell into the clutches of a group of – well, wouldn’t you know it, evil people – who used women with their powers to – I supposed to conquer the universe by doing one evil deed at a time. Forgive me if I’m sounding glib at the moment. Just trust me when I say that I’ve enjoyed this book a lot. 
You should be warned though that the writing will annoy you at times. I found myself reading and re-reading passages just because I thought that Ms White had a tendency to convolute the scenes playing out in the book by oversimplifying and being overly literal with her characters’ discourses and thoughts.  And while this was helpful at times, I have never been more inclined to skip skip skip some of the more often, banal and repetitive thoughts of Annie and Fia. 
The characters here are flawed, disturbed in their own ways and some, horrifying. James is one that I can’t pin at the moment. He’s evil, yes. But I see a speck of goodness in him that had me annoyed the entire time I was reading this book. He was like an itch deep in my tissues that I can’t scratch. I refuse to think he’s genuine but with the way the novel ended, I have to believe he is. 
Interestingly enough, the ending, that would normally drive me to a ranting rampage is actually what I’d loved the most from this book. In my head, I already had the story all played out. In my head, I pray that someone will not get their happily ever after. Which is stupid because I’m such a sucker for those. 

My Rating: 4 out of 5 Stars

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