Unmotivated Reader is Unmotivated.

I suck.

Plain and simple. 
I just…do. 
I haven’t been able to read much of anything aside from Something Like Normal by Trish Doller. I haven’t written anything coherent or mildly poetic in a long ass while as well.  As of this writing, I’ve read a total of 3 books. Three freaking books. I average about seventeen books a month! This is not happening. What is going on?

In my defence, real life is pretty hectic at the moment. Between taking on full and part time jobs and personal life in a proverbial blender, reading a book and reviewing hasn’t really been my idea of a good time for the last few weeks. So much so, that I’ve actually bowed out of ALL the blog tours I’ve signed up for the year so far. I had stops until May. But I really couldn’t fulfill any reading obligations at the present time.

When I start reading a book, my mind shifts and wanders to all the things I’m supposed to do at work and the incessant worry regarding my family. I just can’t turn them off. I’m suffering – my reading and reviewing is suffering. I’m also feeling a little like I’ve sold myself out a little. Lately, I’m a bit disillusioned with the blogging thing. I just feel like I’m not being true to myself anymore. I’d rather not elaborate on that any further for fear that I might hurt other people’s feelings. So let’s just leave it at that.

And that’s what’s going on.

Anyway. I thought I might as well post my book haul for the last two weeks. Sadly, even my usual trip to the bookstore does not offer any comfort. And that’s unfortunate.

  • Sweetie, just step away from blogging for the time being. Don't stress out about this too. Take Scarlet O'Hara's famous words to heart “I'll think about it tomorrow.” and do just that. Read at your pace, think of things one at a time and try to relax. Last thing you need is reviewing at the moment. Get off it, get off twitter and your usual routine as well. I am kicking your butt now. Find something totally random, warm and inspirational, work on changing your life and your perception of what matters and what not. Seems like you are re-evaluating everything right now. Give me a shout if you need to talk *huge hugs*

  • I'm so sorry you haven't found anything that is sparking your creativity 🙁 But hopefully that large pile of books will help 🙂

    Can't wait to hear what you think of them!

  • Thank you for your kind words, Krista. I just need to find that thing that I used to love about reading and blogging, I think. <3

  • Thank you, Juhina and I agree; Eleanor and Park was a cure-all for reading slumps!

  • Thank you, Sara. It's unbelievably stressful. I've never been so bogged down as I have in the last few weeks. But I think this will be good. I'm going back to basics.

  • Sorry to hear that I think you just have to stop reading for a while then you will want to get back into again. I did that with painting, I went to school for art then quickly lost my passion for it, everything else was on me the grades, family, everything I didn't want too then I just stopped yes I missed it, but I wanted that need to paint back so I just waited until I had it again. Doesn't mean you have to stop blogging either, just blog about books you can't wait to read or book hot topics. Nothings wrong with taking a little break from yourself. Trust me I have to take a break from myself all the time I have 5 little ones and little they are. Wrap yourself in something else is not bad as long as you can come back. In fact discovering yourself many times in your life is good. OOOOOHHH OHHHH EAT LOVE PRAY! LOL have fun and good post!

  • I hope you feel better! I know how life sometimes just gets in the way and you just can't seem to enjoy anything you're reading. I would recommend you pick up Eleanor & Park because that book got me out of my reading slump 🙂

    – Juhina @ Maji Bookshelf

  • You definitely don't suck for not being able to read much due to real life situations. And I'm sorry to hear how stressful things seemed to be for you. Take care of you and we'll be here for whenever you can. <3